Tuesday, September 13, 2011

28 Months Old

Kaylee Elizabeth,

You are definetly not mommy's baby anymore, you are becoming such a big girl.  I know I say this every month but you and your sister both are growing up way to fast.  Before I know it you'll be asking for booty shorts and if you can date!  The answer to both of those questions will be NO!!

Lately you've had the attitude and sass of a 16 year old, boy am I in trouble with you.  LOL  I think it's just a two year old thing.  When you are looking super cute and mommy wants a cute picture of you, most of the time I get the hands across your face or you turn away, you little stinker.  You use to be such a ham and loved when I would take out the camera to take your picture, not so much anymore.

SLEEPING:  You've been such a great sleeper since you were 2 months old.  You go to bed between 8:30 - 9.  You have a bedtime routine that you do with daddy everynight.  You give your kisses to mommy, sissy & uncle Josh and then head upstaires with daddy to read a book and then he tucks you in for the night.  You usually wake up in the morning around 8.  I wish your sister slept as good as you do!

EATING:  Oh boy!  You've hit that stage where you think everything is DISGUSTING and you don't want to eat it. You've become very picky about what you want to eat.  You use to be such a good eater, I'm thinking maybe it's just a phase.  You do love bananas and cheese, you could eat those all day long.  Any kind of veggie, you will NOT eat.  So we are going to start hidding it in your food so you don't know that its there!  Your such a smart girl you'll probably figure it out and not eat it!

TALKING:  Your vocavulary is excellent, you are talking in FULL sentences.  Sometimes mommy cant understand what your trying to say but for the most part you are talking so well.  You are at the stage where you are repeating everything everyone says.  Which isn't good cause when mommy or daddy get mad we say things we shouldn't and I've caught you a few times repeating what we say.  Oooppppsssss!

Some of your famous phrases lately
"oh Kara you so precious"
"sorry mom I just havin fun"
"no like at all, it disgusting!"

You love to swim and have become quite the little fish this summer.  Daddy tries to get you to jump off the rock into the pool and usually you put up a fight but end up doing it and liking it.  You don't like to be splashed but you like splashing everyone!  You enjoy when sissy swims in the pool with you.




* You love to ride in the Yukon with the windows down
* You go to bed at night with your undies on and you wake up dry (mommy is proud of you)
* You like to draw/color

Weight: 26.75lbs
Height: 34"
Clothes: 2T clothes/ 3T pajamas
Shoes: 7
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

You are such a sweet girl with your sister, there are times when you get a little rough or have a moment where you think it's funny to push her over.  But for the most part you love playing with Keira.  I love watching you two together, your new things is to push sissy over so that you can tickle her.  Its so cute to watch.  You let sissy play with pretty much any toy but you will NOT let her play with your Toy Story dolls, any time she has them you walk over and take them away.  You will only let her play with Ham (the pig).

 I have enjoyed watching you grow and learn over these 28 months. You are such a sweet girl when you want to be like when you come up to mommy and give me a hug and say "I love you mommy" it just melts my heart.  You are still a daddy's girl and mommy is ok with that.  Your not allowed to date until your 30 so just give you a heads up now.  LOL  But mommy has enjoyed this time that I've been able to spend with you watching you growing into the beautiful little girl you are today.

You are on the waiting list to get into Montesorri School and you ask me everyday if you can go to school to play with your friends.  So hopefully in January you might be able to start school, which will be a bitter sweet day for mommy.  There might even be some tears shed, by me not you.  You love to meet new kids your age, so I think you'll do just fine!

Thank you for being such a sweet girl
Mommy loves you


  1. I love the picture with half her face cut off--very cool!