Friday, September 23, 2011

Total CUTENESS round 2

If you didn't get enough CUTENESS from my post earlier of my girls in their new jammies, here's more total CUTENESS for your viewing pleasure!

Before my doctors appointment today I tried for more cute pictures of the girls since last night they were being so cute together and Kaylee was being so lovey.  The girls are so cute together, it makes me smile.  The way Keira always wants to follow Kaylee around and to Kaylee making sure that Keira is ok when she starts to cry.  Its so sweet.

See I was right, total CUTENESS right?!  haha

After I got the girls dressed and we headed to my doctors appointment.  I hate going to the dr's cause it always takes so long.  My appt was at 10:15, I got there at 10 and checked in.  I didn't get called back into a room until 10:45 and then waited about 10 mins for the dr to come and talk to me for like 5 mins.  I had an appt. to go over my x-rays I had done on Monday on my neck & back.  From what the dr said no disks are touching and I don't have arthiritus, but I do have a curve in my neck (it's suppose to be straight) and I do have scoliosis.  So the dr is sending me to physical therapy to see what they can do.  Hopefully they can help cause having neck/back pain all the time sucks.  I was in 2 car accidents when I was younger so that might be a reason too why I have pain in my neck.  

After my dr appt we headed home for the girls to take a much needed nap.  And mommy is working on a little project, you'll have to wait to see what it is, it involves converse and bling!  I will finish them up this weekend and show you.

After the girls woke up from their nap we headed to the store to get water and soda.  It's friday and I thought daddy would be home already but it's 6:20 and he's not home yet, so we're ordering pizza for dinner.  Daddy has to work tomorrow morning so the girls and I will be heading to Michael's to get more bling so I can finish my project.  Daddy is only suppose to be working half the day.  We might go over to his moms for dinner tomorrow night cause his brother Patrick is here for the weekend visiting from school (he goes to Chico State).  Kaylee sure does miss her Uncle Patrick, so she'll be excited to see him.

Oh and one more thing Keira slept 9pm-8am today, it was HEAVEN!  We will be moving her crib tomorrow and hopefully she continues to sleep good.  I've been putting a bottle with water in it in her bed in case she does wake up and on the nights she does wake up (I don't hear here) she drinks it and goes right back to sleep.  I am so glad that she is sleeping.

Have a great weekend!


  1. All this CUTENESS is too much! I love it! I can't wait to see the converse plus bling project. Meyer has been sporting his new converse the past few days...too bad I can't add bling!

  2. TOO MUCH CUTENESS!! Love the matching jammies and the shades!!

  3. They are definitely crazy adorable little girls! And I love your new header! It looks great!

  4. love the photo of their legs and sittin' on the freakin cute!!!