Sunday, September 11, 2011

Swimming, Swinging & Sister time

there will be lots of pictures of my cuties!

That is how I would sum up our weekend
On Friday daddy went to OSH to go get a new BBQ, YAY for me cause I haven't had to make dinner since then.  I'm sure that will change when the fun of his new toy wears off, just like everything else.  But for now it's nice to take a break from cooking dinners and enjoy all the fun I've been having with the girls.

On Saturday we spent the day around the house doing lots of swimming cause its been HOT HOT HOT.  We swam before nap and after nap. 

While Kaylee swam, Keira walked around in her walker...the guys were swimming too and earlier in the morning Jason took my Yukon down to get the windows tinted.  He told me to go out and look how they turned out and I walked back outside to find Keira like this in the pool!

Once the girls woke up from a nap we headed outside to play in the front yard.  The girls were only wearing a diaper/undies cause it was so HOT.  They played so nicely together.  I love watching them together.

While getting the BBQ ready for dinner the clouds started to roll in and it was very humid out, YUCK!!  But we still had a great time hanging out outside until dinner was done.  We made our own hamburgers and Kaylee helped (we'll save that for a different post).  While eating it started raining, really? super hot outside and now raining while still being super hot outside....weird!  It only rained for about 15 mintues.

We had an awesome day together as a famiy, I always love weekends that we get to spend like that.

* * * *

Sunday, the weather went from being super hot on Saturday to being cold today.
We hung out watching cartoons and playing until about 11 when we loaded up into the yukon and headed to Michael's to get some crafts and daddy went to Bed Bath & Beyond to get a pizza stone for the BBQ.  I got a bunch of crafts to do with Kaylee, so I'm going to be pick a day in the week and make that craft day each week.  I'm thinking I'll make Monday our craft day.  Speaking of crafts those tape paintings that Kaylee did we gave to Grandma on Friday for Grandparents Day (which was Sunday Sept 11).  Grandma loved it.

After getting home from Michaels at 12, the girls went down for a nap and I cleaned up around the house.  Keira woke up from her nap around 2:30 and we headed outside to swing and play and wait for sissy to get up to come play with us.  Keira LOVES the swings and she gets so excited.

Kaylee woke up and headed outside so that she could play on the swings with sissy.

bed head!

We were suppose to be heading to LA today but our plans fell through and the guys weren't able to get off work.  Its ok cause I had an awesome time spent at home with my little family.  It was nice spending time together since daddy will be leaving Thursday - Sunday for an airshow in Reno, NV.


  1. Love the ponytail on top of Keira's head! :-)


  2. The whole time I was reading this post, I was thinking the exact same thing as Shawna. That ponytail on Keira is absolutely adorable. You have two beautiful girls! Looks like a fun weekend.

    Mrs. Mommy

  3. As always, what cuties! :-) I just love all of your pictures. I hope I'll be as good as you are about taking pictures and getting them up on the blog! You have created such a great scrapbook of memories!!!!