Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bringin it back to 1985

In 1985 I was ONE.
My mom kept some of her favorite outfits from when I was little
Well when she found out that I was having a girl, she gave me some of the clothes that she kept.
If you remember here is one of the outfits that both my girls wore (yep I wore this as a baby)

Today I was going through some of the bins of clothes that I had kept of Kaylee's and came across a cute summer dress that I wore when I was little.  Kaylee never got to wear this dress, I had intended her to wear it and get pictures of her but when I went to put it on her it was to small.  So I put it in the bin of saved clothes for if and when we had baby #2.  Well I came upon the dress again and since there isn't a tag on the inside I figured I'd try it on Keira and see if it fit.  It fit perfect, she looked so cute in it.  It would be cool if I could find the picture of me in it!


After our little photoshoot, we headed to have some fun on the swings.  It was a beautiful day today so we spent a lot of time outside today.  I love spending time with my girls and as a family.

After playing outside the girls went down for their afternoon naps.  Miss Keira thought it would be a good idea to wake up at 6am!  WRONG!  While they slept Mommy & Daddy relaxed on the couch and watched some TV before my parents and little brother stopped by for a visit before heading to lunch with my brother Jake's girlfriends parents.  They were here for about an hour and a half.  We hung out outside since it was really nice outside.  My brother Justin played with Kaylee's toys while I chatted with my mom and Jason and my dad looked up trucks for my brother (he just sold his truck).

Keira took a 2.5 hour nap before waking up.  We brought her outside to hang out and my mom gave her lots of love.  My parents are leaving tomorrow to head back to Colorado.  So my mom is trying to get all her loves in while she can before she leaves.  We probably wont see them until Christmas!

My little brother Justin & I

After my parents left we headed inside to play, climb and eat a late lunch.  Kaylee was still taking a nap.

After a 3 hour and 15 minute nap Miss Kaylee finally woke up.  We then all got changed into our swim suits to go out and swim, yes even mommy.  Mommy usually sits out and takes picutres but today we were having family time so I decided I'd get in too.  It was so great to see Keira have so much fun in the pool, she LOVES it.  She was kicking her legs so hard she was moving around.  Her and Kaylee had a blast together too, that's when I wish I had someone to take pictures for me!

After swimming some friends stopped by with their son who is 2 days younger than Keira.  It was great to see the babies play together.  It's the first time that Keira has been around a baby her age.  She was trying to climb on top of him and he didn't like that at all, she made him cry!

After our friends left we came in to start dinner, we had pizza.  Keira went down for a little nap.  We sat and ate dinner while watching Space Jam, totally old school movie.  After Kaylee ate her piece of pizza she wanted a banana, this kid is obsessed with bananas.  She crawled into her toy box to eat her banana and watch the movie, she cracks me up.  After the movie ended I got the girls in their pajamas, made Keira a bottle and Kaylee and I went upstaires to read a book and tuck her in bed.

Mommy then came back downstaires to put Keira to sleep and then to RELAX.  Mommy is tired, it's been a long day since I was up at 6am.  Here's to hoping that Miss Keira wants to sleep in till at least 7 or later, she had a long day!

Tomorrow we have some friends coming over to swim & BBQ.


  1. What a fun idea to keep the baby clothes. I wish I had some from when I was a baby. I'll definitely have to keep some of Kyla's for her to have if she has a little girl some day.

    I LOVE all of Keira's facial expressions :)

    Mrs. Mommy

  2. Sounds like you had a fun but tiring day! Thanks for the reminder to put down the camera and join in the fun. I don't want to be remembered as the picture taker, but the mommy! I needed to read that! :) Lana

  3. Love this idea. They look adorable!
    My mom kept some of my clothes too, and my girly is almost old enough to wear them. I can't wait!

  4. This is funny bc I just found an outfit of the girls' aunts (my sister who is 13)that Lidia never got to wear. But I pulled it out and it fit Carly so well! So cute