Thursday, September 22, 2011

I feel like a whole new person

When you become a mom to a newborn you know there are going to be sleepless nights.
You know this and you accept it, but what some of us don't know is that as your baby gets older usually they start to sleep through the night.  When I had Kaylee, I had ONE month of sleepless nights cause I was brestfeeding.  Once she hit TWO months old I had to switch her to formula and she started sleeping through the night, LUCKY right?!  When she was teething she never woke up at night, the only problem we had with her teething was when her molars were coming in and then we had a couple weeks of sleepless nights again.  Once we moved and switched her to her big girl bed at 19 months she has been the best sleeper.

So when I got pregnant with baby #2 I expected to have those sleepless nights again.  What I didn't expect was to have 9.5 months of sleepless nights.  I thought once I switched Keira to formula that she would sleep through the night like Kaylee did.  Well this is where I learned that all babies are different.  Don't count on having 2 kids that are good sleepers!

I probably should have started sleep training with Keira a lot earlier than 9.5 months old.  I figured at 9.5 months old that she should be sleep through the night by now and needed to do something.  So from the help of you ladies and all your great advise, I started the long process of sleep training.  Where I had many nights where I wanted to totally give up but I knew if I wanted Keira to sleep all night I needed to be consistant with her.  I did CAVE in one night and rock her but I needed to do that for my sanity.  So I tried the CIO method which didn't really work for us cause her crib is right next to our bed and she could see us.  Then I tried the "dreamfeed" which helped for 2 nights and then she went back to her old ways.  Then a few of you suggested that I move her to a closet or to a different room.

So on Sept 18th we brought the pack n play upstairs and put it in our closet, my brother made fun of me the whole rest of the night for putting my kid in the closet to go to sleep.  But let me tell you, it works.  For the past 4 nights Keira has been SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!  She goes down at 9pm and usually wakes up around 6:30am, she has a bottle of water inside of her pack n play so she finds it and drinks it and then falls back asleep till 7:30-8.  I never thought this day would come, where I could finally say that my kid sleeps through the night!

Getting a full nights sleep makes me feel like a whole new person!  I haven't got a full nights sleep in 9.5 months and it feels good.  Were going to keep her in the closet for a couple more days and then we will be moving her back into her room that she shares with sissy.  I've noticed that she is a lot happier in the mornings too.  She is also doing great on her new nap schedule too.

I'm glad that she is sleeping through the night cause these past 4 days we have been doing so much more.  Before I was so tired that I didn't really feel like doing anything or going anywhere that involved leaving the house.  These past 4 days we've have been out of the house cause I'm NOT tired!  It's awesome.

After Keira wakes up from her first nap this morning we are headed to WalMart to get some jammies and a few other things we need.  I think while Keira is naping Kaylee & I are going to do a new craft.

Trying broccoli for the 1st time, she didn't really know what to think 9/20/11


  1. YAYYY!!! :-) That is SO exciting!!!! Congratulations!

  2. Good job! And if she starts to regress when you move her in with Kaylee you might want to try what we do with Brielle. We rigged up a cardboard "wall" that we kind of wrap around the sides of her bed so that she can't see out into the room through the crib slats or pack and play netting. That helps her stay asleep even if other people are in the room moving around or whatever. Then we put her radio on static and keep that by her is just the right amount of white noise to cover up all the other room sounds.


    Amazing news!
    'bout time Kiera! Keep it up for your momma precious girl! :)

  4. That's so awesome! After seeing Shawna's post yesterday, I think Kyla and I are going to take a trip to Walmart too to check out the pj's! You'll have to share what you find!


  5. Yay for a normal sleep schedule. My son is 14 months old & just now started sleeping through the night!!!! It does make a big difference in how everyone feels the next day. Glad you all found something to work for you