Monday, September 5, 2011

Piggies & A trip to the mountians

Look who got her first set of pig tails!
Little Miss Keira's hair is finally long enough to put in little pig tails.

isn't she too cute!?!
you will be seeing more of this little miss with piggies in!

While daddy had to finish up some work stuff in the garage the girls & I spent the majority of the morning watching cartoons, they played with the ball and they crawled around the house together.  We waited for my parents to come over to say good bye and get some pictures of them with the girls before heading back to Colorado.  It was good to see them.

To cool for school!

Love Love Love this picture of her!

We had a busy day yesterday.  My parents stopped by at 10:30 to say their good byes as they were heading to the airport to head back home to Colorado.  We had a nice visit with them while they were here and of course had to take some pictures before they left.

Keira then went down for a nap and Kaylee played with Justin for a little bit more before my parents took off.  My dad had called (my parents are divorced) and asked if we wanted to head up to Columbia Historic Park and to Murphy's to get some ice cream.  Of course we said yes cause both of the those places are a good time.  So my dad said he'd be over around 1 and we would leave.  My dad got to our house we loaded the girls up, stopped by the gas station to get gas and were on our way.  It took about an hour in a half to get there.  Kaylee took a nap on the way up there which was good, so that she wasn't a grump.

We got to Columbia Park and first made a potty stop before making our way in.  This was Kaylee's second visit and Keira's first.  When my brother & I were younger my grandpa use to take us there all the time.  Its a lot of fun.

He takes fresh corn on the cob and makes his own popcorn

After walking around the park and climbing on the BIG rocks we decided it was time to eat.  So we loaded back up into the car and headed about 30 minutes into Arnold to Giant Burger.  A cute little burger place that had pretty awesome burgers.  Keira got to try her first french fries which she LOVED.

After eating we made a potty break and then headed back down to Murphy's for some ice cream, it was about a 25 minute drive.  Which was good cause it let our food digest a little bit before eating some ice cream. 

We finally made it to the ice crema parlor and Kaylee was super excited.  This would be her first time eating her own ice cream.  She's had a few taste's of mine or daddy's ice cream but never her own.  Even Keira had her first taste of ice cream, which is she LOVED more than the french fries and then screamed and cried when it was done.

Kaylee switched back and forth between chocolate and my birthday cake ice cream which was ok by me because my ice cream didn't taste that great but she liked it!  I think Keira's crying was annoying one of the workers in the ice cream place cause she came out to offer her some crackers as like a "heres some crackers to quiet your kid up".  We were the only ones in there.

Once everyone was done with their ice cream we headed back to the car and said our good byes to my dad and step mom and we headed back home.  We made it home around 8.  I got a text from my mom on our way home saying they made it home safe.  Once we got home, I put the girls in their pajamas and gave Keira a bottle.  Daddy came in cause he found something that he thought Kaylee might like to see.
My kid likes bugs, she's not afraid of any bugs and wants to hold all of them....ants, snails, spiders, butterflies, birds you name it she wants to hold it.  She certainly didn't take after me in that department.

excuse Kaylee's crazy hair, she was getting ready to go to bed!

* * * *
Hope everyone had a fun & safe Labor Day weekend
Today the girls are heading to Grandma's house for a couple hours and then daddy & I are heading over there for dinner. 


  1. Love, love, love the pigtails! It looks like you guys had a fun and busy weekend.

  2. picture galore! Love this post!
    Pigtails are precious! i love them!!
    Looks like ya'll had a great trip!!

  3. I LOVE her pigtails! She's so adorable! I've been putting pigtails in Kyla's hair almost every day because her hair is growing faster in certain spots so it's out of control without them. Does Keira sit still pretty good for you to put the pigtails in?

    Mrs. Mommy

  4. Both your girlies are so cute!!! :)
    Sounds like a great family weekend!!

  5. Love the pigtails! Raya was just barely able to get pigtails in at 9 months so we'll see if Brielle does the far we're not e ven close LOL


  6. Love the piggies!
    and that place you went to looks awesome! Wish we had something like that near us!

  7. LOVE the piggie tails! Your girls are beautiful!!!

    Looks like yall had a great weekend!!

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Keira's piggy tails...she looks adorable!!! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful weekend....funny, we also got offered crackers for our noisy girl while dining out last week...haha!