Monday, September 26, 2011

Daddy's Mini Me

Kaylee has been a daddy's girl since she was about 6 months old and as she's gotten bigger she's become her daddy's little mini me.  Which he thinks is the greatest.  I think it's sweet too.

She likes to watch Off Road videos with daddy and like to go fast.
She likes airplanes just like daddy, she's even flown in grandpas airplane
She likes to pretend like she's hunting with her nerf gun daddy got her cause daddy hunts & shoots target, so she has to do the same.  So he sets up his targets in the house and she shoots them with her nerf gun.

Well her new obsession is RC cars. 
 Now that the weather is starting to slowly cool down, it's RC time.  We go out to our friends house and race the RC trucks on the track that they built.  Yesterday while we waiting to go to Grandma's for breakfast before heading out to go play RC cars, she wanted to help daddy put his RC car back together.  She thought it was the greatest thing ever.  She played with the remote control pretending she was driving.  Daddy got so excited that she was interested that he got online and was showing her RC cars.  So all day yesterday she kept asking if she could have an RC car, daddy got so excited that he is going to go get her one tomorrow!

As soon as we got to our friends house I put Keira down for a nap cause she so super tired and a little bit past the time she was suppose to go down for a nap.  So she enjoyed an hour nap, in that time I walked with Kaylee over to look at the goats and the horses while the boys worked on getting the track ready.

Even Kona likes to come and play
While waiting so patiently for the guys to be done Kaylee played with this basketball and tried to avoid the rain.  The weather was so wierd yesterday, it was warm then it got cold and then would rain for like 5 minutes and then go back to being warm.  Then out of no where the wind and would be so cold.

Finally the track was ready and some other people showed up, they lined their trucks up to start racing.

I love watching them together.  Kaylee loves her daddy.
At least one of my kids is a mama's girl (Keira)

* * * *

Speaking of my littlest beauty I cant believe that in 3 days she's going to be 10 months old!  REALLY!?! That means 2 more months till the big ONE year birthday!  I cant believe how fast these months have gone by.  I have enjoyed every minute of it.  And I'm even more happy to finally be saying that she's sleeping through the night.  It's been a whole week and she couldn't be doing better.  We're moving her crib into her room tonight when daddy gets home.  So fingers crossed this isnt a fluke thing and she continues to sleep once we move her into her room.

My mom is almost finished with Keira's birthday skirt and I cant wait to see it.  So the birthday preperations are under way.  The stuff that I'll be making I need to get started doing so I don't run out of time.  I will be ordering stuff so that I have it all.  I'm excited and sad all at the same time.

My mom is sending me Keira's skirt she made for our family pictures.  Kaylee & Keira will have similar matching skirts (both made by mimi).
I'm excited for our family pictures this weekend.
I'm hoping the girls cororporate
That we're able to get good pictures of both of them together
That we're able to get good ones of all of us together
And that the weather isn't horrible, it's suppose to be 83.


  1. Ah so cute. Looks like fun! Love her plaid coat!

  2. Cute pictures! My daughter loves to "go to work" with Daddy. He will take her to make a delivery or let her ride in the bobcat with him while he pushes up dirt. It's so sweet to watch them together, so I know exactly what you mean! :) I hope your pictures go okay this weekend! I will say a quick prayer that everyone cooperates! :)

  3. It's so adorable seeing Daddy's with their daughters. Hope tonight goes well with Keira in her room!


  4. Precious! Kaidence is a total daddy's girl! I'm hoping our next will be a mommy's baby! :)