Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Loves

I can't believe it's Wednesday already, I'm glad this week is going by fast.
I'm linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm LOVING some of the cute fall/winter clothes I've gotten for the girls.
Shopping for them is so much fun!
1st pic: just a few of Kaylee's clothes, I got her some stuff last year (I got the dress at Target for $3.00 & the short sleeve white shirt says "I rule at Grandmas" which Kaylee does)
2nd & 3rd pic: most of Keira's clothes

I'm LOVING that Keira's new sleep training schedule we have her on is working out awesome!  She is sleeping in her pack n play in our master bedroom closet.  It is super dark and away from us.  For the past 4 days she has been sleeping through the night and let me tell you it has been awesome!  She's been sleeping 9pm - 6am drinks a morning bottle and then goes back to sleep till 8am. (will do an update post at the end of the week)

I'm LOVING my sweet girls & their gorgeous blue eyes!

I'm LOVING my sweet, hard working & loving hubby, who is the best daddy!

I'm LOVING these Pinterest finds
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I'm LOVING that we're having family pictures done next weekend.  I got my inspiration for our pictures from of course Pinterest, here are some of the ones I want to recreate!


I'm LOVING that my carpets downstairs are CLEAN!  I got the cleaning bug yesterday I vacuumed, cleaned the carpets, did 2 loads of laundry, dusted, swept and moped.  I love that I have a clean house

I'm LOVING my new followers
I cant believe I've reach 85 followers, that's pretty awesome.  Thank you for taking an interest into my crazy & fabulous life while I raise my sweet n sassy girls!


  1. I LOVEEE a clean house too! In between reading blogs I'm getting a lot done today too! But cleaning is so different at 8 months pregnant...I have to take lots of breaks and it just takes me FOREVER :-( And I'm so happy that the sleep training is working!!!! Congrats!

  2. I love shopping for Kaidnence! I seriously could spend way, way too much money!! haha!

    Love the inspiration for family pictures, too!

  3. Your girls are just beautiful! :) And I'm so jealous that you got out for a round of fall-weather clothes shopping! I need to do that soon too! :)
    Hope you all have a great Wednesday!

  4. I love that Keira is sleeping so well! And their beautiful blue eyes! I need to get some of your motivation to clean!


  5. I swear your girls get cuter and cuter every post! I'm so glad sleep training is going well for you. It's amazing how a good nights sleep can change everything! Such a fun post this week...I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  6. i swear your sweet and sassy girls are too cute and very photogenic! i love those blue eyes also.

    and yes, that last family photo inspiration pic is a must do. it's breathtaking.
    great loves and pins.

  7. Oh my goodness... your girls are so stunning. THOSE EYES! Just beautiful. LOVING your clothing deals, too. Shopping for little girls is just too much fun!

  8. What a great list! I'm glad to hear the sleep training is working out for you! Isn't it awesome to get uninterrupted sleep at night?

    Those girls do have the MOST GORGEOUS blue eyes ever!!!

    I love your pictures that you want to recreate. I can't wait to see them :)

    Happy Friday Friend!