Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wednesday Family Fun

Wednesdays are our new family fun night.
The boys get off work early, we get the girls ready, load up the RC cars and head out to our friends house for some good fun.  The kids get to play, the daddys race RC cars and the mommys get to gossip!  It is becoming our Wednesday ritual and we are having a blast.

So Daddy got home from work and we got everything and everyone all ready

blowing kisses!

We made the 20 minute drive to our friends house.  When we got there 2 of the mommys were still at work so we got everything we needed and headed out to the RC track that my hubby helped make.  It was me and one of the other mommies.  Our friends Gary & Jena are the hosts and they have 2 kids Kyler (8) & Brianna (16).  Then there is Krista & Jason who have baby Alexa (6 months) and then there is Will & Nicole who have baby Maddon (2 months).  We all have a great time together.  Kaylee is in LOVE with Kyler (or as she calls him Pyler).  Kaylee knows when we turn down Bixler she knows that were going to Garys house to race cars.  As soon as we get out of the car she makes her way to find Kyler and then follows him around the rest of the time were there.  Its so cute!

While we waited for Jena & Krista to get off work...Nicole and I headed out with all the babies to watch the boys play.  Keira gets so excited when she see's her BFF Alexa.

What mom!  Should I not be eating my shoe?!

Kaylee kept referring to Alexa as "her baby" anytime anyone did anything with her she yelled "What are doing with my baby"  It was so cute!

The boys played and the girls chatted until it started to get dark and a little chilly then we cleaned up and headed back to the house to start making dinner.  The girls BBQd hamburgers and hot dogs.  While Krista and Nicole were making dinner, Brianna & I were playing with Keira and Alexa on the floor.

After eating dinner we had to load the girls up and head home cause it was 8:30.  So we said good bye to everyone and headed home.  We had to make one stop on the way home to help Jason's cousin load up fire wood cause he's going on a trip.

It's nice to be able to get together with friends once a week for good fun and for the kids to play.  Everyone has a great time together.  Wednesdays are my new favorite days!


  1. Kaylee's outfit is too cute!!!! :)
    What a fun little tradition you all started, I love it!

  2. I think that Keira just keeps getting prettier and prettier every time you blog! :-)

    Sounds like fun times!


  3. So fun! Love that little bear hat!

  4. Beautiful Photos! Sending some bloggy love from you new follower.

    Hope you'll follow me back too

  5. Aww, fun! What a great thing to look forward to each week!

    PS - You have an award on my blog post from yesterday :)