Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Silly Girl!

This kid cracks me up!

She was crawling and playing around with this thing in her mouth for a good 45 minutes!  She thought is was the greatest thing!  It made me laugh, its the little things like this that make my day!

This little girl is growing up to fast for me!  The party planning for her birthday is in full effect, my mom just sent me a picture of her skirt she made...its PERFECT!  I now just need to figure out a super cute shirt idea to go with it.

Im excited for her party but I'm a little stuck on what to serve to eat.
All I have is fruit & veggies
What would you suggest for food???
There are like 54 people invited (thats both sides of our family and some friends)
For Kaylee's birthday we had hot dogs, beans, salad, fruits & veggies
I want something kinda easy and not to expensive for all those people

I have the dessert table figured out
- cupcakes
- rice crispy treats dipped in chocolate
- marshmellows dipped and sprinkles
- oreos

The decorations are coming together nicely.  There is a bunch of stuff I still need to get though.
I need to start making my lists!

* * * *

Since the weather is suppose to be nice this week/weekend we will be taking our family pictures finally.  We were suppose to do it last week but that weather didn't coroperate and it rained and got everything all muddy so we had to wait till everything was all dry.  I'm excited to get them done hopefully the girls do good.  We haven't had family pictures done and Keira is 10.5 months old.  It makes me sad that we didnt have any taken when she was a newborn or at least when she was smaller but I guess it's better late then never!  We have lots of picture sessions to do coming up, we have....
* Family picutes
* Smash cake/ 1st birthday pictures (these might be 2 different times depending on mood)
* Family Christmas pictures

These next 3 months are going to be so busy with the Pumpkin Patch, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Keira's birthday, Christmas and ringing in the New Year!

* * * *

I cant believe that Kaylee is almost 2.5 and I'm gonna need to start planning her 3rd birthday! 
The kid is 2.5 and has the attitude of a 16 year old some days, it drives me CRAZY!
Her new thing is to back talk and say NO all the time!
So she has been sitting in TIME OUT A LOT!!!!  Which doesn't really seem to be working.  So we might try taking some of her favorite toys away and see if that helps, but I don't know if she's to young to understand what it means when we take her toys away. 


  1. They are both just adorable! I'm working on my girly's birthday party too, since the next two months are going to fly by. I'm excited to see your decorations and what you've come up with :-) Happy planning!

  2. We did pizza for K's party, but that's Elmo's favorite food.
    I'd do something easy. Maybe a pic-nic type setting? Small sandwiches, potato salad, etc.,? Just an idea :)
    Can't wait to see everything come together!

  3. I'm excited to see details for little Miss Keira's party! We did burgers and hot dogs, fruits, veggie cups (cute idea on pinterest), and chips...easy and not too pricey! Your girls are as stinking cute as EVER today! Thanks for the sweet comment about Meyer's Monkey bash! :)

  4. you could do a "nacho" or "taco" buffet table for the meal... do chicken or beef in crock pot to keep warm, and then have toppings for "fix your own" ...that way its not attention intensive for you during the party, and it goes a long way for feeding close to 50! All of my girls party were snacky items only, but I've done the mexican food for other gatherings of that size and it works well!

  5. Your girls are SO CUTE!!!!! I think I might come to the party and devour your dessert table...seriously that is my fave part of parties!! We also do a lot of cook out themed meals for parties, but one time we did Pizza and I must say that was SO EASY and simple! It was nice to not have to worry about my husband having to grill or do that kind of stuff!! I am so glad I found your blog from your comment on mine! I love that your girls are so close in age, my boys are also really close (16mos), so we can totally relate to the craziness and amazing-ness of it all(yes I just made up that word)