Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend: Birthday Party Planning

As Keira's first birthday is fastly approaching I've spent this weekend making my lists and looking at tons of different birthday invitations online, which none of them really called at me.  I think I'm going to play around on picnik and photobucket and make my own invitation.

After looking at all my lists it feels like I have so much to do!
I have 40 days from today to get everything together and ready for the BIG day.
Its exciting and bittersweet all at the same time.
I worked on her banner this weekend

She is growing up in what seems to be rapid speed.
If I could I would totally slow time down a little bit.
I took a trip to the dollar store yesterday to see what goodies I could get my hands on, my list for the dollar store was long.  So I was hoping I'd be able to get most of the decorations stuff that I'd need and then made a trip to Michael's for a few things.

I'm excited cause we decided we're gonna do a little photobooth.
I want to have each person who comes take a picture in the photo booth with Keira and use those pics as Thank You cards.  I got the idea from none other than PINTEREST. 

I do need some help, which birthday invite should I use or maybe combine?   



The colors for the invitation will be black, yellow & white.  I just need some help with which design.
But other than needing help with the invite design the party planning is going great.
We've decided on what were doing for food and there will be LOTS of desserts to choose from.

* * * *

In other news for the last 4 days at nap & bedtime Keira has been going to sleep without her pacifier.  She doesn't want it.  I offer it to her and she sticks her tounge in the way so it cant be put in her mouth.  Maybe I'll get lucky with her and she'll just wean herself from the pacifier, now if it was only that easy with Kaylee.  Kaylee is 2.5 and she only takes a pacifier when she takes a nap and goes to bed.  I would like to have her pacifier free by her 3rd birthday, cause I know she doesn't need it.  I just need to find a way to get rid of it or maybe have her get rid of it.

Ladies if any of you have had to get rid of the binky how did you do it?

* * * *
We will finally be taking our family pictures this Saturday, we've had to put it off the last two weekends.  So I'm glad we'll finally get to do them.  I have all my poses printed out and we'll also be taking part of Keira's 12 month pictures up there too.  Her 12 month outfit is so adorable, my mom made the dress.  It was orginially Kaylee's dress but she didn't get to wear it so we'll put it to good use with Keira.  Then the following weekend were going to take the rest of Keira's pictures which include her in her birthday outfit and her cake smash outfit.  My mom also made Keira's birthday skirt, so I'm excited to see it when it arrives this week.  The weather is suppose to be in the high 70s this weekend so it will be nice.

* * * *

Tomorrow I have my first phyiscal therapy appt.  My neck and mid to upper back have been killing me lately.  I had x-rays done a couple weeks ago that showed I have a curve in my neck and that my scoliosis has gotten a little worse.  So they are sending me to physical therapy and then see what they say I should do.  Mama is hoping they'll say that I need a Rx to get weekly massages.  Wouldn't that be nice!?! HECK YES!  So we'll see how that goes.

* * * *

Daddy has the day off from work on Wednesday so we will be taking the girls to the pumpkin patch.  It should be a fun time.  We'll let Kaylee pick out a pumpkin, she has one pumpkin at home that Grandma bought her.  We might get a pumpkin from WalMart or the grocery store cause they are a lot cheaper than at the pumpkin patch.  I remember last year we spent almost $50 on two pumpkins.  I don't know if we'll carve the pumpkins or just let Kaylee paint all over them and then put pretty bows at the top.  We have her little pumpkin all taped off and ready for her to paint it.

* * * *

This week is a crazy week around here, I have so much school work to be done.  I have to finish reading 2 chapters, work on a project thats due on the 20th and then my midterm opens on the 21st and goes till the 25th.  So in between my reading and my project I need to find time to study, which I'm not very good at and on top of trying to do all of that I have to keep an eye on my rugrats!  Good thing they go to Grandma's tomorrow and I can get a lot of work done.  I am almost done with school, I will get my cert in December.  So I am really happy about that.  Thanks to Jason's mom for paying for my schooling, she's been a big help.

* * * *

Around our house Jason & my brother work on their trucks a lot tearing them apart and doing modifications to them.  Jasons cousin is living with us at the moment and he has been working on his blazer.  We were suppose to be going on a trip to the sand to drive the trucks around.  Well my brothers truck isn't going to be done and I have all this school work so we decided not to go.  Well I guess one of neighbors called the cops on us and said we were running a CHOP SHOP out of garage.  REALLY!!  No new cars come and go. We're thinking it might be the new neighbors that just moved it cause we know all of the other neighbors around us and they wouldn't call on us.  So we found it a little funny.  The cop said something about the City is going to be coming out.  Ok, well to bad all the vehicles that are here all have pink slips in our names so it doesn't matter, its just an inconvience for us!

* * * *

After a couple months of not working out I started back up on Friday and did squats and stretching and boy do my legs hurt.  Which makes me feel TOTALLY out of shape.  I made it fun and asked Kaylee if she wanted to work out with mommy, she said yes.  So I held Keira and she held one of her babies and we did 20 squats.  Hehe.  Before bed I did 20 more and the next day my legs felt like jello!  So I've made an easy workout schedule to follow for a couple weeks before doing a little bit more work outs at a time.  So I alternate between squats and jumping jacks and stretching everyday.  I am not working out to lose weight I just want to stay in shape and tone up.

* * * *

My little Keira is getting braver and braver, she is climing on everything.  Over the weekend she climbing on her stoller and standing up while holding onto it and it would move a little and she would follow it.  She thought she was the shit!  She is getting braver in letting go and standing alone, I think my girl will be walking soon.  But I don't know cause everyone said the same thing about Kaylee and she didn't walk till 14 months.  I guess we'll see when Little Miss decides to walk!

* * * *

Keira's 2 top teeth have come through and she looks so cute!  This pic isn't the best as she doesn't like to open her mouth cause she thinks your trying to take some food or something she's not suppose to be eating out of her mouth.

All in all we had a great weekend and have lots planned for this week!


  1. I really like the style of the 2nd invite :-)

    For the paci I'd just *try* not giving it to her at nap and see what she does. If she asks just say they are all gone and big girls don't need them. I was shocked that Raya just accepted that and gave them up super easily. However if Kaylee puts up a fight then I have no suggestions LOL.

    Can't wait to see your family pics and pumpkin patch pics!! We got really big pumpkins at Walmart for only $3 each--it's the way to go :-)


  2. Oh my goodness are seriously busy!!!!! I love invite #3 but they are all super cute!!! I LOVE the banner you are making for Keira's birthday - it is simply adorable!!!!

    I can't wait to see all of your party planning ideas - hope you guys have a great week:)

  3. I like invite #2. I love Keira's banner! I'm so mad at myself that I didn't do that. I mean I have pictures of her every month, but not with the cute month onsies. I guess I can blame it on being a first time mom and letting time get away from me. My next one will have them for sure, haha!

    Good luck at PT...I'm hoping for weekly massages for you!

    Have fun at the pumpkin patch! Fall is so much fun!


  4. I like number 1 and number 5 the best. Good luck choosing! :) I hope your physical therapy helps and your pain goes away. There's nothing worse!