Monday, August 5, 2013

A little update

1.  We are all moved in!  YAY.  We started moving stuff on Monday July 29th and we got everything all over on June 1st.  Since then there's been lots of unpacking, organizing and figuring out where everything is going to go.  I cant wait to get everything unpacked and start decorating, I have a lot of ideas flowing through my head on how I want things to look.  On Sunday morning we were all up early and out front to do some work in the front yard.  Daddy leveled out the yard and then laid some rock down, of course the girls had to get in on the action!


2.  Last Friday Jason, the girls and I went to go and look at a potential wedding venue.  I was really excited about it and the venue was really pretty.  We then got talking about $$ and my excitement went away.  Jason's mom knows the owner and was talking to her, our budget for our wedding is between $8-10K, well when Jason's mom told her our budget was $8K I think the lady thought that was all for her to work with.  $8-10K is for our whole wedding.  So when the lady gave us an appox of $6100 I knew we needed to think of something else.  So we are back to square one and rethinking ideas.

3. Sundays have turned into Family Funday.  For the past 3 Sunday's we've been loading the girls up and heading to the delta.  We find a little beach and hang out with friends.  Some of our friends have a boat and some of them ride jet skies.  We hang out and the girls play in the water or try to build sandcastles.  Its been a lot of fun.  After hanging out on the water we all then go out to dinner together. 

4.  Kaylee is attending the last 3 weeks of summer school to get herself prepared for the new school year coming up.  Today was her first day back and she had a great day.  She said she had a good day and she was so excited to see all of her friends again!

5.  I'll be back to blogging good stuff soon.  Here are some fun posts to look forward to...
* Kendall's 9 month photoshoot
* Easy Print Canvas review & giveaway
* Kaylee's first hair cut
* Daddy's birthday
* A photoshoot with the girls!


  1. You will have to share pictures of your new home once you are all settled! Wedding planning can be so frustrating. Especially when you are on a budget. We lucked out big time when we got married with the venue we chose. They had just built the event center and they gave us a quote of $1,200 for the place. My friend got married there a year later and they had upped their price to $8,000. Our timing on getting married was perfect. You will definitely find the right place. Just keep looking, and keep your chin up. There is the perfect place out there for you =)

  2. have you heard of/checked out the Grand Island Mansion? I've never been to a wedding here but when helping a friend we looked at this place on line.. it's beautiful! and prices aren't too bad either!

    Ps. I can't wait to get back to our days on the delta! We do the same exact thing- find a beach, park it and hang out all day! I'm too scared to take the baby on the boat just yet.. not really sure when's a good age?

  3. I can't remember, did you guys buy a place or are you renting first? Either way yay for unpacking and getting settled!

    Yikes on the venue cost! For what it's worth, the total for my entire wedding was around 6k ---and I loved it and had 300 guests! It's definitely possibly to plan a beautiful wedding on a budget--just gotta keep looking! :-)

  4. Kaylee and Kierra look oh so sassy (but oh so cute!) n the first picture! Yay for getting moved in! We spent around 8k on our BIG day! It adds up so fast, but it is so worth it to have the day of your dreams!!

  5. Yay - all moved in!! Love the pics - very cute & sassy little darlings!