Thursday, August 29, 2013

A weekend recap and update

Friday August 23rd:
The girls woke up bright n early at 6:20am, too early for this mom!  It was just the girls and I for the weekend, daddy left on Thursday to go to Pismo Beach with friends (Huckfest).  We got up ate breakfast, played outside a little bit and then the baby went down for a nap.  I told the girls if they continued to be good that they could get lunchables when we went to the store (don't judge).  The baby woke up and we headed out to WalMart, I had to get a few things and since the girls were good and really good in the store they got their lunchables.  We came home ate lunch and everyone went down for a nap.  The big girls woke up and went outside to play until grandma came to get them at 5:15.  So it was just the baby and I for the rest of the night.  We both ate dinner and then went for a walk around the block and then out back to swing (baby girl loves the swings)  We then came in, she got her jammies on and I rocked her in the chair just to get her relaxed and then I put her to bed.  I played around on the computer and watched TV.  At about 9:30pm I got a call from Jason's mom she wanted me to talk to the girls cause they were being bad and not going to bed!  I watched some more TV and then fell asleep around 11 or so (I actually fell asleep on our new couch, comfiest couch ever)

Saturday August 24th:
Both the baby and I didn't wake up till 8:30am, it was so nice to be able to sleep in.  I cant remember the last time I got to sleep in that late! haha.  Baby girl and I had a great morning.  She ate her breakfast and army crawled all over the house.  She is on the move and I cant keep her sitting still anymore.  She went down for a nap and I worked on a little project for the girls bathroom.  The house decorating is coming along and I'm loving it all so far, cant wait to share it.  After baby's nap we headed back outside again for more swinging fun while we waited for big sister's to get home.  The big girls got home around 12 and just in time for nap time!  When the girls woke up I got Kaylee dressed and we went out to take some back to school pictures, did an outfit change and back out for more pictures.  She took some really cute pictures.  The girls played out on the trampoline before coming in for dinner and then to watch a movie.  The movie ended right at bedtime.  We got our jammies on, read a book and everyone went to bed!

Sunday August 25th:
We pretty much just hung out around the house, waiting for daddy to get back from Pismo and getting everything ready for Kaylee's big first day of Preschool.  We had a great weekend and I survived it with all 3 girls.

* * * *

Since I haven't done an update in awhile I figured I'd fill you all in on what's been going on.
1.  We just moved into our new house.  Moving with 3 kids wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be.  The girls did really well and the baby was awesome during the whole thing.  As I'm sure your wondering, awhile back I said a big change was happening in our family and we would be moving to Texas.  Well that job opportunity fell through and we are staying put in CA, close to family and friends.  I am happy that we are staying, having family close by is awesome.  I'm not sure how the girls would have done not being able to see grandma on a weekly basis.  Shoot I would have missed grandma taking the girls on a weekly basis.  So we just moved into a brand new house that Jason's step dad built and we are LOVING it.  Everything is brand new, its super energy efficient and I am beyond excited to decorate it.  At the end of our year lease we will have the opportunity to buy the house.  I will be doing a house tour soon.
2.  Kendall will be turning ONE in two short months.  It's still so hard to believe that we're here already.  It makes me sad that she's growing up so fast.  I love the stage that she's in.  She's such a character and thinks her sisters hang the moon.  I am in full party planning mode.  We are planning to have her party on her actual birthday.  I am getting her outfit, bow and party décor from etsy {I'll list all the shops when I do her birthday post}  The colors are pink & grey and baby elephants.  Here is a little sneak peek...
3. A little update on Miss Keira
She is a spitfire!  She is sweet.  She is funny.  She is a great big sister.  She is a lover of food.  She is potty trained (day only - wears a pull up to bed).  In November my girl will be 3!  She is so smart and is so darn stubborn!  Sometimes her stubbornness drives me completely insane.  She has this weird thing about things being hot (she almost needs her bath water cold).  Sometimes her and Kaylee play so well together and then sometimes all they do is fight.  Since getting our trampoline her balance has improved so much!  She still takes one 2-3 hour nap.  She knows all her colors, she can sing her ABCs & she loves to color.  She can draw people complete with eyes, nose, smile, arms and legs.  She's a girly girl but a tomboy at the same time (she's not afraid to get in the dirt and play).  She loves riding her bike and has one stuffed animal named orangie that she takes every where with her and I mean every where (she sleeps with him, he eats breakfast with her, he comes with us to drop off Kaylee at school, he has a little pocket he sits in on Keira's bike, he goes to the bathroom with her and she sleeps with him at night!)  She's growing up so fast, she's almost 3 going on 13!


  1. haha...that makes so much sense now! I've been wondering how this new house fit in with a move to Texas...I was really confused! :-P

    The bday party looks like it will be cute!

  2. I was confused with the new house/texas thing too! But, glad your staying close to family :) I love having both grandmas close by when I need a break and Hudson wants some grandma/grandpa time.

    Wow...cant believe your little lady will be 1 either. I feel like I was reading your birth post last month! Time fly's

  3. Those swing pictures! Love! LG's cake is rosettes, too!