Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kendall is 10 months old

We have entered the double digits sweet girl and I still cant believe it. You turned 10 months on 8.27.13  These 10 months have gone by in the blink of an eye.  I'm still in disbelief that in 2 months we'll be celebrating your 1st birthday {mommy is gonna go cry in the corner!}.  You are the most laid back little girl I've ever been around, your sisters weren't this laid back at all.  Its a nice change of pace.  It's funny how you guys are related but the 3 of you are so different.  Your little personality has really started to shine through and you are to funny.  Some of the faces you make, make us laugh so hard.  You have brought so much joy into our family sweet girl and we couldn't imagine life without you!  I love that your still a mommy's girl but the way you look at your daddy just melts my heart.

I love you to the moon and back!


SLEEPING: Oh sweet girl this month has been so much, you are back to sleeping so well again.  During your last update those darn top teeth were coming in and giving you the hardest time.  I'm glad that both of them in and you are looking so adorable with them.  We have had a few days where you've wanted to rock to sleep and I'm not complaining about it, I love that you still love to snuggle with me.  Over this past month you have become a belly sleeper, I lay you down your back with your lovey and when I go back to check on you a short time later you are on your belly and using lovey as your pillow.  You are still taking 3 naps {9am for about an hour in a half, 12:30 for about 2-3 hours and 5:30 for about 45 minutes}  I've tried cutting you down to 2 naps but you clearly aren't ready, you love your sleep!

EATING: You are eating pureed baby food 2-3 times a day but you are slowly not really wanting that and wanting to eat people food.  You drink an 8oz bottle every 3-4 hours.  You love puffs, crackers, grapes {in your mesh feeder}, spaghetti, chicken and French fries.  This month we will be introducing more people foods


PERSONALITY: Little girl you are so funny.  You've started to make some really silly faces that makes everyone laugh.  When your sisters take something away from you or you don't get something you want right away  you will for sure let everyone know.  I cant believe how calm and go with the flow you are.  Everyday is fun with you!  You are really starting to show interest in what your sisters are doing.

Weight: 19lbs {25%}
Height: 30" long {90%}
Clothes: 9 & 12 months
Shoes: size 2
Diaper: size 3
Teeth: 4 {2 top & 2 bottom}
Hair: brown
Eyes: dark blue

* army crawling everywhere
* can say BYE BYE, BABA, & UP
* put your hand to your ear and starts babbling and then will say BYE BYE
* can pull herself up in her crib {gotta move it down again}
* when people talk to you, you smile and then turn your head into my should {playing shy}
* you are getting much better and picking things up with your thumb and pointer finger
* grawls {she learned that from Keira}
* started crawling 8.25.13
* can wave hi

* music {when the music is on you start to sway back and forth when your sitting down}
* scooting around ALL OVER {time to baby proof}
* jumping
* to be outside
* to be held and have people talk to you

Are we done with pictures yet mom?!

* getting your diaper changed
* not getting your bottle fast enough
* when your sisters take something from you
* when you get told NO, NO!

* your absolute favorite thing you need is your LOVEY
* sitting and playing with your toys
* scooting around the house all over the place
* eating PUFFS


* how you get so shy when people talk to you
* you are super ticklish all over!
* you have become a belly sleeper.  I put you to sleep on your back and by the time daddy & I go to bed you are on your tummy using your lovey as a pillow
* you give me hugs without me asking and they melt my heart each time you do
* you suck in your bottom lip
* threw her first baby tantrum 8.27.13



  1. i love seeing the comparisons!!

  2. Those moccasins are so cute! She is so precious. Daddy is in trouble w. all three of those girls when they are old enough to date!! ;)

  3. Happy 1o months! I love the comparison ones too :-)

  4. She is super cute!! I love all that hair she has. My 9 month old has just barely enough for a clip, but we rock the headbands a lot! I love the polka dot background, is that a sheet or blanket? My 5 year old is obsessed with polka dots. :)

  5. I think she looks like a perfect mix of her older sisters!