Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kaylee's back to school photoshoot

It's that time of year again...
the beginning of the new school year!
Kaylee is attending preschool for the second year.
Last year she learned and grew developmentally so much.
I cant wait to see how much she grows and develops this year!
So with the new school year it called for a back to school photoshoot!

Back to school interview:
* What do you want to be when you grow up: A DOCTOR
* What is your favorite color: PURPLE
* Who are your best friends at school: KAT, GRACIE, MICHELLE & RACHEL
* What's your favorite thing to do at school: ART & PLAY OUTSIDE
* Favorite TV show: Phineas & Ferb

Kaylee's outfits
* Orange peplum top: Target
* Grey skinny jeans: Target
* Sparkle shoes: WalMart
* Leopard flower clip:

* Teal lace top: Old Navy
* Colorful Shorts: Target
* Teal flower clip: Target

* Backpack: Ashley @sheshemade (instagram)


  1. These photos are just too cute! You did a great job on them. :-)

  2. Love the little peplum top :-)

  3. Way too cute! I love the photos you did with the Dr Seuss books with the apple! Great idea and clever =)

  4. Very cute! Hope they had a great first day!

  5. Such adorable pictures!

  6. She is so cute! She is going to rock Pre-K!

  7. So cute! C and B start in two weeks and I can't wait to see what tehy learn this year!