Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A trampoline surprise for the girls...

Some of the fun benefit's of Jason's job is that customers get rid of things and ask Jason if he wants it.  Last week a customer was getting rid of their trampoline and Jason said we would take it.
He came home with it and we told the girls to wait inside while we set it up and we would call them out when the surprise was all set up.  The girls LOVE surprises, so they couldn't wait to come out and see what daddy had brought home for them.
We got it all set up and daddy called the girls, they came running and were so excited to see the trampoline.  The great thing about it is that it wears them out!  I mean who wouldn't love that!  I love that the trampoline has a net around it.

The girls are getting yet another surprise, a customer was getting rid of playhouse and Jason said heck yeah we would take it.  We've been looking at getting one for the girls for a long time, so to get a free one = WINNING!  The girls are gonna flip when they see it!  I see lots of time spent on the new playhouse with the 3 of them.  Here is what it looks like


  1. What a great score!!!

    my sister has a trampoline and while we were down visiting them, Breanna loved playing on it.

    Thats an awesome play set too

  2. Wow! How cool! Great pictures of the girls on the trampoline.

  3. SO FUN!! Lucky little girls :) Great job perk ;)

    IG: megawat

  4. Super fun! My girls used to play on our trampoline a lot when we first moved in, but they must be bored of it now b/c I can't get them to go play on it anymore lol...Mama just wants you out of the house, now go jump please! ;-)

  5. My girls are OBSESSED with trampolines... but yeah I'm afraid to get one and then they won't play on it anymore. So?? WE will just have to come play on yours! Deal? :)

  6. aw how awesome! trampolines are the BEST!!! im sure they will be out there for hours... :)

  7. Love that you get that bonus of his job. My dad used to get tons of stuff from clients and give them to me. What fun and a great way to make memories!

  8. wow that is a score! the trampoline and that play structure is so nice! they are going to have so much fun! no more trips to the park! ;) they'll have plenty of fun at home.

  9. Awesome bonus to his job! You guys are getting some great things!