Friday, August 23, 2013

Guest Post: Little Girl Birthday Ideas

Perfect Ideas: Little Girl’s Birthday Party

Another year:  another birthday party. What are you doing for your little girl this year?

Like so many of us, coming up with a new birthday party idea can become frustrating. It feels like we’ve reached our limit! Especially with little girls: their ideas and likes are always changing, so birthdays vary every year.
Lucky for you I have some quick and easy ideas for you to create for your little girl’s special day, that can help carry on as a tradition throughout her many birthday parties to come. What’s better than having the traditions to keep and cherish, and for them to pass it on to their little girl when the time comes?

Photo Booth

Why not create your very own photo booth for the birthday party? You can create these to match any birthday party theme or idea. You can go as simple as using a girlie backdrop with a cute blanket to hang, or you can go crazy and cut out stencils for each guest to use; think crowns, lips, hats, etc. These will be a hit for sure! By having this as a tradition every year for your little girl, you’ll get to keep the memories in photos, as well has change the photo booth every year to fit to her liking.


Nothing stands out more than the birthday girl wearing her very own shirt to separate herself from her party guests. Not only is this a great idea, but you can create these girl birthday shirts every year, making it a fun tradition. You can style it to match her theme, her choice of color and what she particularly likes at the moment in her life. She’ll get to keep the shirts, and you’ll get to keep the memories. She’ll love standing out, and she’ll look absolutely adorable.  

Time Capsule

Every year for her birthday, have her write a list of all the things she is currently obsessed with. It could be her favorite color, movie, a dress or a pair of shoes she always wants to wear, her favorite word (if she’s young enough to first start talking), her favorite animal, etc. Get creative with this one! After she creates her list, take a picture of her holding it, and put it in a “time capsule” for her to open on her next birthday. It’s fun seeing the changes and you’ll get to keep the memories forever.

Mommy and Me Time

Before the birthday party (and this could be the day of, or the day before) set aside some quality girl time together with your daughter. It begins to get hard to set this time apart, so having this done every year for her birthday will become extra special. You guys could go to a movie, go to the spa, and maybe just even go to the park! Quality time is always a cherished thing—and she’ll remember it forever.

Written by: Lacey Blackwood
Thank you Lacey for the great tips, I will be using some of these for my daughter's 1st birthday coming up.


  1. oh some cute ideas! I'll have to remember these!

  2. Thanks! I hope they come in handy!