Saturday, March 19, 2011

I love my girls!

So I've moved from Livejournal to Blogger.  I actually like this blog site way better.

Now onto my beautiful girls.  They amaze me everyday.
I cant believe that my newest little addition is going to be 4 months old at the end of this month.  She is growing up way to fast!  I do love this stage, she smiles so much and now has found her voice cause she likes to squeal really loud, its to cute.  She is sleeping better at night, which is a relief for me, I was starting to feel sleep deprived!

It seems like I do ___ months blog for one of my girls and 2 weeks later I'm doing another blog for the other.  But in those 2 weeks it seems to go by so quick.  Time needs to slow down a little bit.  I am enjoying everday with the girls.  Although Kaylee is becoming more of a stinker everyday it seems.  She's got some attitude, I think she's going to be my difficult one!

Trying to get a good picture of Kaylee has been a chore in its self.  This kid use to be my little ham and LOVED having her picture taken.  Now as an almost 2 year old she wants nothing to do with pictures unless she's in the right mood (which isnt very often).  I either get her crying, looking down or she gives me the pouty face!  Sometimes I have to resort in pretending like I'm going to tickle her to get her to smile.  I'm a little worried on how she's going to be when we go take her 2 year pictures.

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  1. Yes. Glad you made the switch. Now I can put you in my blog feed! :) This blog background is super cute too!