Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The SUN is BACK!

All I can say is thank god, the sun is back and that means we can go back outside again.  My kid was going and was driving mama CRAZY being stuck in the house.  Yesterday was gorgeous outside, so we got dressed and while sissy was sleeping, Kaylee got to spend some time with mommy all by herself.  We played in the front yard.  She chased me, I chased her, we marched and she played with her flower.  It was a wonderful time up until is was time to come inside to take a nap.  Lets just say, I think my whole neighborhood could hear that my kid didn't want to go inside.  I was holding her hand walking to the front door, while tell her ok time to go inside for a nap..she threw herself down and started SCREAMING at the top of her lungs!  Oh my that girl has an attitude!  So I let her cry and then once she settled down we came in and she took a nap.  Once she woke up we headed back out front to play until Grandma came to pick her up.  She loves to be outside and if she could she would spend all day out there.

So thank you sun for gracing us with your presence so that my kid could go outside and play!  The next 2 weeks are looking GREAT, the forecast is calling for SUN!  We have 3 play dates in the next 2 weeks which I'm excited about.  I love the sun, come on summer hurry up and get here!  I hear my pool calling for me and I think Kaylee hears it too! LOL


Trying to do a summersault



  1. our girls sound soooo much alike. mine LOVES to be outside and makes sure all the neighbors know i'm such a mean mom for making her come in. lol. AND her middle name is Elizabeth :) where in Ca do you guys live?

  2. We have girls around the same age! Mine are actually 12 months apart but our oldest hair remind me of each other! Adorable adorable family!!!