Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene Cont.

As I mentioned in my blog earlier, we went outside this morning to play with chalk before the rain returned it's ugly face yet again this week.  I dont understand how it can go from semi sunny to cloudy and cold so fast!  We were able to play outside for about 30 minutes before it started really getting cold outside.  Not more than a minute after coming inside it started raining! 

I thought spring was suppose to be here, this weather definetly is not fun, Kaylee wants to go outside..she stands at the back door and says "I go outside" and when I tell her she cant cause it's raining, she says "put boots on".  At grandma's house she has rain boots and they sometimes play in the rain.  I guess Mommy better step it up and get the girl some rain boots!

But we are now freshly dressed out of our chalk covered clothes and playing inside and watching cartoons.


  1. Your girls are so cute! I have 2 little girls & they are also close in age (19 months apart) It is so fun! We are also in Cali & this rain is crazy!!!!

  2. what sweet pictures! i'm visiting from Katie (Loves of Life)! just wanted to say your girls are PRECIOUS! happy saturday, mama! :)