Monday, March 28, 2011

The FURbabies have arrived!

So back in January we sent Kona (our dog) to the breeders house so she could get knocked up one last time.  The last 2 times we tried, it didn't work.  So this time to make sure it would take the breeder let them do there thing a lot!  Even on the day she was coming home from spending a week at the breeders gettin her wild thing on, she did it one more time!  Well this time it worked and dogs are super lucky when it comes to them being pregnant, you wanna know why, they only have to be pregnant for 63 days!  Lucky them!  If it were only that easy for us girls.  haha

On March 19th, 11 at 3:03pm we got an email from the breeder saying the 1st puppy has arrived!  YAY!  So it took her 2 hours to have 5 puppies.  4 girls and 1 boy.  On March 25th we got some bad news from the breeder.  Since having her puppies Kona is VERY protective of them, well I guess someone came to the door and knocked on it like they were the cops well she jumped up to bark at who ever it was and she stepped on the stomach of one of her puppies.  Well that puppy later died from it's injuries.  It makes me sad.  So we have to wait 2 more weeks before we can go see her and the puppies so that it gives her some time to settle down and not be so overprotective and think that she's coming home.  The breeder did send us 2 pictures of the puppies, they are too cute!  More pictures to follow in a week or so when we go visit her.


  1. That is so sad about the puppy. I am sure she is upset and might be more protective because of that! Seeing this almost makes me want another puppy... ALMOST:)