Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I cant believe it's Thursday already, I cant wait for the weekend. It's going to be full of sunshine and playing with my girls!

1. I'm thankful that the sun has returned and my girls & I can get out of the house for playdates, shopping and trips to the park.  Thankful that all the couped up energy can be released while running around outside.  Thank you sun for returning and staying!

2. I'm thankful for nap time!  The silence/mommy time I get while it's silent in the house.  I'm thankful that I can get both my girls down for a nap at the same time!  Oh the joy of mommy time, to relax while kicking my feet up to watch One Life to Live

3. I'm thankful that I have 2 healthy & happy little girls.  These girls are my life.  The way they adore eachother is priceless...I better enjoy it while I can because for I know it they'll be fighting over clothes, make up & boys!!

4. I'm thankful for this guy!  Without him the possibility of me being a stay at home mom wouldn't exist!  He is our provider and my rock!  I couldn't have found a better person to be with and a better father for my girls

5. I'm thankful for my family.  For all the help they've given us.  I miss my parents since they moved to CO, but I cant wait to see them in May.

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