Wednesday, November 6, 2013

1 week down, 30 days to go

It's been a week since Jason left.
It's been a week since I've seen those beautiful brown eyes.
A week since I've had one of his awesome hugs.
A week since I've had my favorite forehead kiss.
It's been a week and I miss him already!

I'm thankful that I get to talk to him everyday and the girls like it too.
I'm thankful for all the opportunities this job will allow our family to do.
I'm thankful for Jason and all that he does for our family.
I know its hard for him to be away from us too.
I'm thankful for technology, allowing us to Skype & facetime with each other.

I've been trying to keep myself and the girls busy, so the days pass quicker.
But there are some days that seem to drag on and those are the days I miss him most.
The nights are the loneliest, I keep the girls up past bedtime some nights so I spend less time alone.
Going to sleep each night is not fun, its so hard for me to fall asleep without Jason there.
I'm hoping that the next 30 days go by as quickly as Kendall's first year of life went!

I'm thankful that this first week has gone so well and the girls have behaved.
I'm thankful for a new indoor jump house in our mall, that is helping keep my kids good.  If they are good they get to go to the jump houses.
I'm trying to be strong but I found myself in tears the other day watching some show and realizing how much I wanted my family to be back together.  I know this whole new job, daddy being away thing will get easier but right now, its HARD!

I made a countdown calendar for the girls and for myself.
Each night we put an X in each square.
I figured it would be a fun way for the girls and they would be excited for each day that it got closer to daddy being home.  Daddy will be home in about 35 days for a week in a half to two weeks and then he will head back to Texas.  The next big break he has wont be till February.  In between the middle of December and February he will have 2-3 days off but that's not really enough time to come home.  That's why I cant wait to finally be in TX, so that when he gets those 2-3 days off we'll be able to see him.  We can do a week, it's harder to do a whole month without seeing him.

The weeks before he left, we made it a point each night to snuggle on the couch with each other.  To saver those moments with each other, whether we talked or just sat there in silence.  I will for sure cherish each moment with him when he's home for this upcoming visit. 

Once his break is over I will be counting down the days until were together again.  The girls and I will be moving to Texas in February and I cant begin to describe how happy I am.  I have good friends here in CA that will be helping me pack up the house and move all our stuff. 

For the most part the girls have been good.
On Tuesday we had a rough day, it was rough from the start.
After breakfast all they did was fight about every little thing, at the Dr they were good in the waiting room but once we got into the room they were not listening at all.  When we got home they fought, after nap time they argued, played nicely for a short time before arguing and not listening.  I've decided the way I would keep my sanity is to send them to there rooms instead of yelling at them to be good every 5 minutes.  Today being sent to there room was not working out in my favor.  I even tried to bribe them, I told them if they were good while at the Dr's we would go to the bounce house place in the mall (and if you know my kids then you know they love bounce houses), even that didn't work!

Most days Kendall crawls around on the floor saying "Dada, Dada"
When we talk to daddy each night, I put him on speaker phone and he talks to her and she gets the biggest smile on her face.  She'll repeat Dada over and over and then when he gets on speaker phone she wont say it.  She'll blow kisses and wave, its the cutest.  I know she's still little and doesn't really understand that daddy is gone but I know that she misses him.  We all cant wait for him to come home for a visit.

When Jason comes home sometime between December 4th - 10th, we will be celebrating Christmas.  This will be the first year in our almost 12 years together that we wont be together on Christmas.  It makes me sad and from here on out that's the way he might always be.  The girls are still young and don't really understand that were celebrating early.  I will be decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving.  I still want this Christmas to be special.  We will still be doing our traditions, Elf on a shelf (Rudy will make his appearance in November), decorating the tree, decorating the house, 25 book advent calendar and milk and cookies for Santa (Santa will be receiving his milk & cookies early from the Jess sisters).  Also while he's home we will be going to Disneyland, which will look really cool all decked out for Christmas and we will also finally be talking family pictures.

With Jason's work schedule holidays and birthdays will be different.  He may or may not be home for them.  But we will celebrate them early or late and it doesn't matter as long as we celebrate them together.  With his schedule so sporadic, its so hard for my type A need to have everything planned to the day personality. 

I'm excited for this adventure but I'm just ready for all of us to be in the same state!
Texas we'll be seeing you in February!



  1. That would be really hard! You guys can make it though :-) Lee leaves later this month for a 9 day hunting trip and I'm already dreading being a single mom for that long, I can't imagine a whole month! Hope the girls have more good days than bad for you!!!

  2. Hope this time passes quick for you.

  3. Hurry up, December!! The countdown calendar is the sweetest! And that picture of you guys with Kendall! Love!! Praying the time continues to pass quickly! You are awesome and are doing a great job with the girls!

  4. Love the countdown! I'll be thinking about you...I know it's not easy!