Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christmas is coming early to our house

Christmas is going to be a little different this year than any years in the past.
With daddy's new job we never really know when his next bit break will be.
When he left the end of October, he started his job and then got an idea of when his break would be.
He will be home for week (November 30th - December 9).  In that time we will be BUSY BUSY BUSY, soaking in all the time we can with daddy and making lots of memories.

When daddy gets home we will spend that night together before loading up the car and heading to LA for 2 days to spend time at Disneyland.  I cant wait to see it all decked out for Christmas, it's going to be so pretty and I'm even more excited to see the excitement on the girls faces! I cant wait, it should be a blast!

After Disneyland we will be celebrating Christmas as a family, Santa will be visiting early.  After we celebrate just us as a family we will also be celebrating with Jason's mom and step dad and then celebrating with my dad and step mom. 

With all that's going on once the Christmas celebrations are over we will only have 1 full day with daddy before he leaves to head back to Texas.  The thing I'm not looking forward to the most is the really long stretch before we'll see him again.  His next well they are drilling is an 8 well pad.  So we wont probably wont see him until we move there in February.  It makes me sad cause that we will be a longer stretch than the one we are doing now and this one is hard so I'm not sure how the girls and I will do.  I'm ready to just be there so that we will be able to see him every 6-10 days and not a month in a half or more.  Maybe I can convince him to let us move sooner!

Here's to making many memories as a family

On Sunday morning (11.17.13)  I set up our tree (I know its not even Thanksgiving yet) and told the girls they could help me decorate it when they got up from there nap.  This year I changed up our tree, in the past our tree colors were red and silver but this year I changed it to silver and gold.  I love it.  After decorating our tree was done I finished decorating the house and hanging up some lights in the house.  The girls are so excited and keep asking if Santa is coming tomorrow.

And in hopes to get the girls to behave a little better, Rudy our elf has come a few days earlier than he did last year.  He was waiting for the girls under the tree this morning (11.19.13) with warm cozy jammies as a gift to them.  It's been about an hour in a half and they have been awesome!  Hopefully Rudy does the trick.  They've been talking about Rudy all morning and when one of them is doing something they aren't suppose to the other will say "don't do that remember Rudy is watching you"



  1. Love the Christmas decorations! We have the elf this year but not sure if we will do it since the girls are still so little. The girls look adorable!!

  2. How fun! I have everything prepared for our elf's return...I think he's coming back Thanksgiving night! I keep meaning to wrap up all of our countdown to Christmas books too. It's sneaking up on me!

  3. My friend and her husband had to move to TX for her husband oil drilling job too, they were there for about 6 mo. Where are you guys going to be living?

    I love your decorations!!! I was telling Breanna today about our Elf, so he will be coming next weekend!!! Cant wait to hear the Disney recap

  4. Yay! It won't be long until he's home! Love your tree! Everything looks great!

  5. Good luck with everything! I'm sure the girls are going to love Christmas!

  6. Enjoy your Christmas celebrations with those girlies! I'm so glad you will get to see Jason for a whole week to celebrate:)

  7. Your house looks so great all decked out! I hope you have such a memorable Christmas with Jason home and with it being your last one there.