Monday, November 4, 2013

Kendall is ONE!

Kendall Morgan,

You are 12 months old today (10.27.13)  I am still in shock that we are here celebrating 12 months of your life already.  I cant believe how fast your first year has just flown by.  I don't even know where to start with how I'm feeling about you turning ONE.  Although the year flew by so quickly you've have grown into such a funny little girl with the personality to match.  Your smile just lights up a room and everyone smiles when they are around you.  You are just the perfect addition to our family.  I'm excited to see what your next year has in store and all the new things you learn.  We love you to the moon and back sweet girl.

SLEEPING: You are still such a great sleeper.  You have transistioned yourself from 3 down to 2 naps a day.  You go down for your first nap around 9 until about 10:30 and then you'll go back down for your long nap around 12:30 and will wake back up around 3:30.  You go to bed at 8.  Sometimes you still want to be rocked to sleep, those are the nights that I treasure.  You are still a big snuggler and I love when you come over and lay your head on my shoulder and leave it there for a few seconds. 

EATING: You are a little garage disposal.  You can eat with the best of them.  I'm not sure where you put it all.  You sure do love your food though.  You eat 3 meals a day and snacks in between.  We are transitioning you to whole milk and your doing good so far with it.  You are eating only people food now, you wont touch the pureed baby food!  We've also introduced juice, you've only had it a few times and it was diluted with water.

PERSONALITY:  Baby girl you have the best little personality.  You are so chill and go with the flow.  I hear from so many people how good you are, how chill you are, how you don't make a lot of noise and how you are ALWAYS happy!  You are the happiest little girl and I love your bright smile.  Some of your facial expression have me cracking up, I wish I could catch some of them on camera. 

Height: 17lbs 12oz
Weight: 29"
Clothes: 12-18 months
Shoes: 3
Diaper: 3
Hair: light brown
Eyes: dark blue
Teeth: 6

*  You can throw a ball
* You can sit up on your knees
* You follow simple commands "come here" or "give it to mama"
* Can point to things with her pointer finger
* Pointed to a picture of Jason and said "dada"
* When you ask her "where's baby Kendall"  she will point to herself
* Can push toy cars/trucks
* Can give high five when asked
* When she drops something she says "uh oh"
* When she's eating and something is good she will say "hmmmmm" over and over
* If she picks up something she's not suppose to and you ask her for it, she will hand it to you
* She puts toys into things (bins, shoes, bowls, etc)

* Loves to crawl around the house following Kaylee and Keira
* You like to look out the front window to see what's going on
* When people are laughing you do this fake laugh along with everyone (it's so funny)
* You like to snuggle on the couch with mommy or daddy.  I love the fact that you will still snuggle with me.
* You like to throw things on the floor and watch people pick it up and give it to you and then you rethrow it back down.
* To get into everything.
* To dance when you hear music

* You totally do not like having your diapers changed.  As soon as the diaper is off you roll over and make a mad dash for any where.
* I've noticed that you don't like to watch TV.  The TV doesn't catch your interest, you would rather be doing something other than watching TV.
* When you have to pick stuff out of her mouth

* Your lovey, you cannot go to sleep without him.  Mommy will be getting you another one for Christmas just in case something to happens to the one you have
* Ripping off all the letter magnets off the fridge
* Playing with the doll house
* Playing with fake food
* Loves to put toys into things and then take them back out and repeat (does this for a good 30 mins)

* You are slowly starting to let go of things and stand alone for a few seconds
* You still sleep in your crib in our room and I don't see that changing anytime soon
* You are still in your infant car seat, you've stayed in the seat the longest.  Both your sisters were in big girl car seats at 8 months old.  We have a seat for you, we just haven't transitioned you yet.
* You transitioned yourself from 3 naps to 2 naps a day.  I'm still amazed that you can take 3 naps and still sleep through the night.
* You got another tooth (top right) 10.9.13
* You got bronchitis again (10.15.13)



  1. Happy 1st Birthday Kendall Morgan!!!!

  2. She needs to teach LG a thing or two about sleep! We are still very much lacking in that department! :) She is so precious! Too bad you all aren't moving to Jersey instead of Texas! It would be so fun for the girls to play together!

  3. Beautiful girl!!! I still can't believe she is ONE!