Thursday, November 7, 2013

Build A Sign Review

Disclaimer:  I was given this product in return for my honest opinions, all these opinions are my own!
I was recently contacted from to work with them. 
Them contacting me work out perfect because the girls birthday party was coming up.
I thought it would be cool to get a banner made for the party.
I chose to get the 3x6 banner
I went to the website, which was easy to navigate through.
I went to the section where you edit your banner and I got to work.
I did a Halloween theme banner since that's what the theme for the girls party was.
We put the sign out front and everyone thought it was the perfect touch to the party.
It was big and everyone was able to find our new house, thanks to the banner.
It was like the welcome sign to the party.
If your looking for birthday party banners, signs for garage sales, need business cards, car magnets or bumper stickers is the place to get it.  My order was processed fast, I was sent an order confirmation email and an email when it shipped.  The best part was that my package showed up 5 days earlier than reported...score!



  1. I was going to ask where you got the sign done at. It was a nice addition to your party!

  2. well and if the jump house didn't give it away ;) ps how are you getting all these sponsors?!