Monday, November 25, 2013

Jess Family moves to Texas: we found a house!

Before Jason left for his new job in Texas we started looking on the internet for houses.
We knew we wanted to be close to our only friends (well Jason's friends).
So we started our search in the Bandera area of Texas.
It's a small town in Texas and I found that there wasn't very many house possibilities
But we were able to find 3 houses for Jason to go look at.

It's crazy the type of house you can get there for not much money.
Most of the houses that we found are on some acreage, which is great for the girls.
Jason went and looked at all 2 of the 3 houses.  One of the houses was just to big and on to many acres.  Although we loved the house, it just would have been way to much up keep for me to do, I mean a 3600 square foot house is big and not to mention it was on 15 acres (with lots of grass!).  So we decided against that one, so Jason went to look at our next option. 

The house we chose is a 3 bedroom 2 back with a den, formal dining room, big living room, kitchen with a eat in nook and lots of room for the girls to play.  I think we decided we were going to make the den the girls playroom and also have a futon in there as well.  Kaylee and Kendall are going to be sharing a room and in the afternoon nap Kaylee will nap in the playroom and Kendall will nap in there room, so there's no playing around.  I'm glad we got the house situation taken care of and checked off our list.  When Jason is on break he start turning everything on and getting stuff ready for when the girls and I make our way there in January!

 So without further ado here is our house we'll be renting and after a year we will either buy a house or build one.
Front of the house

Back of the house

Front Door

Dining Room

Play Room


Kitchen with breakfast nook

Living room (I love the fireplace)

Bedroom 1 (Keira's room)

Bedroom 2 (Kaylee & Kendall's room)

Guest/ Girls bathroom

Master Bedroom

Master bathroom

Master bathroom

* * * * * * * *

And the thing I'm most excited about is in our development there is so many fun activities to do with the girls, here are some of the fun things.  Besides all the fun activities, I see lots of fun photo shoot areas.

 Ghost Town

 Put Put Golf


 Water Park


  1. Looks great! Two of my bridesmaids actually moved to Texas and it is amazing how much further your money goes in the housing market down there!! Love the waterpark :-)

  2. Looks gorgeous! Congrats! I'm sure you're ready to get out there and get settled! Good luck with the move!

  3. This house is GORGEOUS! I can't wait to see more pictures once you get all settled in!

  4. What a pretty house! Sounds like a great area too!!!

  5. Looks awesome! So excited for you guys!