Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013: Trick or Treating

Trick or Treating was a little different this year than prior years.
This was the first year without daddy.
I wasn't sure if we were going to go trick or treating at all.
I wasn't really comfortable taking the 3 girls out at night by myself.
But grandma and grandpa to the rescue. 
My plan was to take the girls to the mall and walk around there, but our mall did there trick or treating last Sunday!
So we met up with some of the girls cousins and went with them.

It was weird trick or treating without Jason and weird cause there wasn't a lot of kids out and there wasn't very many porch lights on.  The girls didn't seem to care, they had a great time.  We didn't stay out long and went to maybe 15 houses before packing up and heading home.  The baby rode in the stroller and didn't seem to care about what was going on.  Next year should be really fun with all of them.

Kaylee as Sophia the First

Keira as a Fox

Kendall as a Witch
The girls with some of there cousins before heading out trick or treating


* * * * *
Today at Preschool, Kaylee had her Halloween Parade. She went as Cinderella.
The girls and I went to Kaylees school at 11 to watch her.
Keira loved watching all the kids walk by in there costumes.
She kept asking me if she could go to school so she could wear her costume in a parade.
We watched Kaylee walk around and then headed to her classroom where they sang some songs and passed out some goodies.



  1. How fun! We always go trick-or-treating with cousins. Love your girls costumes! Too cute!

  2. Glad you girls got out. Hard to get motivated with daddy being gone.

  3. Love the "proceed with candy" sign!!

  4. awww this was my very first time going alone too! D is in ND and I wasnt really wanting to go either! There were tons of kids out though and lots of houses participating. They had fun and I am glad I took them :-) Im trying to keep myself busy and that was for sure a way.

  5. All three looked super cute as always! Glad you ended up going! I'm sure you're all missing Jason so much! :( praying the next few weeks pass quickly for you!