Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What's on my Christmas wish list

Usually when I get asked what I want for Christmas I can never think of things I want, so I ultimately ask for gift cards.  BORING, for the people buying them, good for me cause I can buy what I want.  So this year I actually went searching the internet for things I wanted.  I actually found a lot of things I wanted, who knew! LOL

1.  After years of wanting boots for fall, I finally bought my first pair and I love them.  So I want to add more boots to my collection.  The boots I have now are black and I want a brown pair.  These boots are from Charlotte Russe and they are on sale for $30.00 right now

2.  To add to my growing boot collection I want these combat boots, I've seen so many cute outfits with these boots and now I want to recreate a few.  These boots can be found at Target

3. I was working out regularly before we moved and then hurt my shoulder while doing a weird stretch.  After 2 months of nursing my poor shoulder, I'm finally back at it.  I've had my eye on a good pair of shoes and these nikes from Zappos are adorable.

4 & 5. I'm loving these Aztec cardigans.  I have seen these sweaters every where and I want one!  Both sweaters are from Forever21.

6 & 7. Scarfs, I just cant get enough of them. Again both of these scarfs are from Forever21

8.  Boots socks are all rage and I've always wanted a pair, I just never had boots.  Now that I have boots I want some.  I found these ones and there are tons more on Etsy.

9.  I have a thing for feathers, I'm not sure why but I like them and when I saw this necklace I knew I had to have it. This necklace is from

10. This Michael Kors bag is beyond amazing and with 3 kids, I need a big bag to hold some of there stuff and my stuff in and this bag would be perfect

11. I love this chevron tunic top, its from Charlotte Russe.

12. This ombre top from Forever21 is adorable.  I want it in the burgundy.

13. This embellished tunic 3/4 length top is super cute, this shirt can be found HERE

So there you have it, what's on your Christmas list this year?

* * * *

As for the girls Christmas gifts from us, I'm still not sure what we & Santa are going to get them.  I really wanted to get them the really nice KidKraft kitchen from Santa but with moving to TX in a few short months after xmas we were thinking of getting them that kitchen after we moved.

What are you getting your kiddos this year?


  1. Following because I have NO idea what to get for my girls (or suggest to family). I hope I get some great ideas from your readers! :)

  2. Great picks! We aren't doing adult xmas gifts this year. Lee and I haven't really exchanged gifts the last couple years, and instead just purchase something for the house that we both want...we are doing TVs this year. Usually my parents get us Christmas gifts, but we decided to focus on the kids this's just gotten so hard b/c the adults buy most everything they want anyways, and we all like watching the kids open their gifts more---they are so much cuter than us :-P

  3. really cute stuff! i think i need to steal some of these ideas for mine too!

  4. Very cute things! I love the boot socks! The girl that came and did photos for us yesterday had on a pair of boot socks and they were adorable!!

  5. Love all of your cute ideas! We are having a hard time deciding for the kids too!