Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Kaylee:  can you please for my sanity stop the unnecessary crying for no reason and can you also please play nicely with your little sister.  My ears cant take any more of the screaming...thank you.

Dear Keira:  I'm sorry that dinner didn't agree with you and you threw up all over your bed.  Not sure when you got sick last night but I'm sorry you had to sleep in it.  I didn't even hear you getting sick over the monitor. 

Dear Kendall:  I'm not sure if I ate something that didn't agree with you yesterday, but can we have a better night tonight than last night.  Mommy would really like to sleep longer than 4 hours.  Thank you in advance.  Your lucky your so cute! And it's hard to believe that you turn 3 weeks old tomorrow!

Dear Weekend:  I am so glad your here!  That means daddy will be home to help this tired mama out with the girls!

Dear Keira again:  I cant believe that in 13 days your going to be 2 years old.  Where the heck has the time gone?!  Your party is next weekend and I'm finishing up all decor and making my list of stuff to get at the store on Monday.  Your getting to be such a big girl!  I also just ordered your 1st year book and I cant wait to get it!

Dear Thanksgiving:  You have snuck up really fast this year.  We will be celebrating you twice this year.  On Thanksgiving we'll be going to Jason's great grandma's to eat and then on Friday we'll be going to Jason's moms to smoke their turkey and have Thanksgiving there too.

Dear Jason:  Thank you so much for all that you do.  You have been a huge help with the girls while I take care of the baby.  Your such a great daddy. 

Dear SELF:  Take a nap when the girls do today! 


  1. 4 hours at 3 weeks old sounds pretty good to me:) have a good weekend momma

  2. Love this. Hope you got your nap in! It is so much harder getting caught up on sleep with three~

  3. You're complaining about a 4 hour sleep!? Wow mama, you've got it good, trust me! My 13 week old nephew doesn't sleep longer than 2! Take 4! Take it and run!