Monday, November 5, 2012

Kendall's birth story {part 1}

Since this birth was so different from my other two I want to be able to look back and remember everything that happened, even the days leading up to her birth cause its all a part of it.  So if you remember from my 39 week bumpdate how I talked about my FALSE ALARM, that's where I'll begin this story...

I had gotten my hopes up on Wednesday 10.24.12 night when we headed to L&D cause I thought my fluids were leaking and we were gonna have a baby.  It was about 6pm when we got to the hospital.  I was put on the monitors and checked.  I was 3CM & 80% effaced.  I was contracting every 2-3 minutes so I was getting excited and was nervous all at the same time.  After about an hour the contractions had slowed to about 3-5 minutes so the midwife suggested we could walk the halls for an hourto see if there were any changes.  So we agreed to walk.  After an hour we headed back to our room to be monitored and checked again.  NO CHANGE!  So we were sent home, I'm not gonna lie I was disappointed to be leaving.  While on the drive home and once we got home I was still contracting every 5-10 minutes.  We relaxed on the couch for a little bit before heading to bed.  I woke up a few times from my contractions but they were nothing super painful, so I was able to fall back asleep.

Thursday morning 10.25.12 came and I was thinking after all the contractions I was having at the hospital that something might happen.  Jason took the day off work just in case and so he could help me out with the girls.  We mainly hung out around the house, since it was really cold outside I did some laps around the house but like the night before walking around only slowed my contractions down and not speed them up.  Jason was nice enough to rub my feet which brought on a few good contractions!  Then at around 2pm everything just contractions, no cramps, NOTHING!!!  Throughout the day friends and family either called or texted to see if anything was happening and with each call or text I was disappointed to tell them "no nothings happening, everything's pretty much stopped".  So I tried to not focus on it so much and just spend as much time with the girls as I could.  But honestly do you know how hard it is not to think about it when your so ready for it to happen.  We went to bed and I wasn't having any contractions, but throughout the night I had a few I woke up to and of course it felt like I was up a lot going to the bathroom.

Friday 10.26.12 finally rolled around and I hit that 39 week mark, I told myself again that I wasn't going to focus so much on trying to get contractions going and just go with the flow.  I wanted to get some house cleaning done, wash and put away all our laundry and vacuum.  So we all got up for the day, I got Kaylee dressed for school and we ate breakfast while we waited for Grandma to get there.  Once Kaylee left for school, Keira followed daddy around the house while I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, wiped down the counters, swept and moped the kitchen.  While doing this I had gotten some contractions so I just made sure to time them on my phone each time and continue on with what I was doing.  I then moved out to the living room where I cleaned up all the girls toys and then vacuumed.  Keira kinda helped while I cleaned up their room, during this time I was contracting here and there and they were getting a little more painful and felt like back labor at times (which I know what back labor feels like cause I had it with both Kaylee and Keira) I continued on doing 2 loads of laundry and put it all away.  I then decided I would take a break and relax.  Jason had to go run some errands, so he left and it was just Keira & I.  We watched some cartoons while we waited for Kaylee to get home.  Jason's mom brought us lunch, at this point my contractions had been coming more frequently about every 10 minutes for about an hour, the pain of them was increasing.  I tried really hard not to read into to much cause I didn't want to be disappointed if it turned out to be noting!  It was nice to relax a little and take a little nap while the girls napped.  Kaylee woke up and came out, so I put some cartoons on for her while I rested some more.  At around 4:30 I then got Kaylee ready to go to grandma's house.  She left around 5:15 and it just Keira and I for a little bit while we waited for daddy to get home.  I skyped with my mom and brothers for a little bit before Jason got home around 7:15, while skyping with my mom I had gotten some pretty painful contractions...pain level being a 3.  We said our good byes to my mom so that we could make something to eat for dinner.  We put Keira to bed around 8:30 and then Jason and I snuggled on the couch to watch Gold Rush before heading to bed around 11pm....then at 1:45am the first big most uncomfortable contraction hit.....


  1. I can't believe you just left us hanging like that...ready to here the rest of the story :)

  2. Haha I'm thinking the same thing as these two ladies!!! We need more:)

  3. I'm with them...I want to read it all!!

    Love seeing pics of your new little princess!!!

  4. dun dun dun... ;) Bob loves that show too, Gold Rush.. Now all of a sudden he wants to start gold mining and move to Alaska. Ya right.

  5. Love this! Definitely a cliff hanger!!!!