Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kaylee update - where has the time gone

I thought it was about time for a little update on my oldest, Miss Kaylee Elizabeth
I stopped doing monthly updates when she turned 3, so instead I decided to do updates every six months.  She is growing up so quickly and I cant believe that in 6 months she'll be 4 years old!  4, can you believe it?! Cause I cant...


It's hard to believe that I've been your mama for 3.5 years, it seems like you've been apart of our lives forever. Even though at times you may talk back and not listen I love every minute with you. You are growing up into such a smart little girl and you are a really good big sister to Keira & Kendall. I know the 3 of you will be best friends, well at least I hope you are. Being your mama has been the greatest and hardest joy of my life.  You are learning so much in school and we are all so proud of you.  I am so glad that I made the decision to become a stay at home mom when I became pregnant with you, because I wouldn't want to trade being able to stay home and watch you achieve every milestone.  We love you to the moon and back!

SCHOOL: she has been in school for 3 months and is doing AWESOME.   She still loves going and is learning so much.  I couldn't be more pleased with Montessori school.  She has made friends, which is awesome and that means she can have her little friends come over and to come to her birthdays.  I am excited for sleepovers and playdates.  The first two weeks of school were a little rough for her.  Her class would go outside to play for 30 minutes before it was time to line up to come inside and then to leave, while outside there are more than one class out there.  Her teachers would clap and the class is suppose to line up, I guess she either didn't hear her teachers clap and then she would see kids or her teachers and would start crying.  Well since I do drive through when they load her up in the car she would tell me "mom I got lost and I cried".  I wasn't understanding, so after almost 2 weeks of her telling me this almost everyday I figured I'd go talk to her teacher.  But everything was fine and she is doing awesome.

Here's a fun little interview I did with Kaylee:



FAVORITE MOVIE: Madagascar 3 & Finding Nemo


FAVORITE TOY: Brave Barbie






EATING:  you have gotten so much better when it comes to eating.  At one point she was barely eating cause she had gotten so picky.  I was a little worried cause from 18 months to 2.5 years old she weighed the same.  She would just graze or want to eat junk food.  Yes there were times when I gave in a lot to letting her eat junk food cause I wanted her to eat something.  But I am happy to say that she eating a lot better, she is a slow eater and is usually the last to get down from the table but I cant complain.

Height: 38"
Weight: 30lbs
Clothes: 4T shirts / 3T pants
Shoes: size 9
Undies: 4T
Hair: dirty blonde
Eyes: grey blue


* you can read "THE ZOO" book all by yourself word for word (your daddy and I were very very impressed)  I guess reading it at bedtime you were able to listen and remember the whole story.

* girlfriend you can have some serious attitude at times, at those times I dread to think what your teenages years are going to be like.  You have a serious sassy mouth on you at times and it made it really trying for mommy at times.

* you became a BIG SISTER again....and your taking on the role pretty well.  You have had a little bit of a harder time than I anticipated.  But you are coming along.  You have been so sweet and wanting to help with getting diapers, which has been really nice.

* you are finally tall enough and can ride on your bike that Uncle Josh got you for your 2nd birthday.  We have been waiting for you to get taller so that you could actually ride it by yourself.  You love to ride your bike.  I cant wait to see both you and Keira riding bikes together.

* you hate when I brush your hair each morning, you would rather go around with messy hair!

* you are drinking out of big girl cups, no more sippy cups for you unless were in the car.  Mommy doesn't like messes.  You are very proud of yourself for being able to drink out of big cups like mom & dad

* you LOVE to read.  I often hear you in your room when your suppose to be napping your reading books instead.  It's so cute when you try to read books to Keira.

* 10.3.12 you totally surprised me and counted to 30

* your naps are getting shorter and shorter.  You went from taking a 3 hour nap and now I'm lucky if I can get an hour out of you.  If you take a short nap I'll make you stay in your room for a little while longer to play in your room for quiet time so that I still get my quiet time.

* you love to color or draw.  You are very much into tracing your hand and drawing pictures of "us"

*  10.6.12 you got your first real big boo boo.  You fell and hit your forehead on the fireplace and got a gash.  We had to take you to the ER to get checked out. You did really good at the dr's and was so brave.  You got your gash glued.  After our ER visit we went and got you some ice cream for being such a big girl.

* you have finally become brave enough to go down the big slides at the park.  You go to the park on Saturday mornings with grandma where they have balance stuff and you think it's the greatest thing cause before going there and practicing on the balance stuff, your balance wasn't that great!

* 10.11.12  you took your preschool pictures, you looked so cute! And I cant wait to get them back

* you attended your first Cirque du Soleil with Grandma and Grandpa and a few of your cousins.  Grandma said you LOVED it.  You now go around balancing and pretending to do what the people did...its so cute

* you love going to Great Grandma Connie and Great Grandpa Joe's new house.  Which mommy loves going to as well cause you and your sister don't fight!  There's something about going to grandma's house that makes you two behave!

* you love to wrestle around with daddy & Keira

* you sleep in just your undies.  You'll start off going to bed in pj's and when I go to check on you a few hours later you'll be in just your undies.  How your not cold, I don't know?!




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