Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Randomness

1. Keira had a great birthday yesterday.  We had a pretty low key day due to the weather being way to bad to go play outside.  My plan was to drop Kaylee off at school and then take Keira to the park to have some fun, but since its been raining everything was to wet and it was way to cold for the baby to be outside.  So that morning she woke up to balloons hanging from her door, which she thought was awesome.  We then made cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  She got a big cinnamon roll all to herself, we put a #2 candle in it and sang happy birthday to her.  We dropped Kaylee off at school and came back to hang out.  We did some cartoon watching, a little coloring and had a little snuggle time.  We then picked up Kaylee from school and on the way home we stopped off at Jack in the Box for some lunch.  The girls ate and then went down for a nap.  Once they woke up daddy was home and we got ready to head to PetsMart.  We are thinking of getting the girls a 10 gallon fish tank for Christmas cause they love fish, so we were pricing everything out and checking out cool things to go inside the tank and of course looking at all the fish.  We came home and had spaghetti per request of Keira.  We then ate a little pie while watching a Christmas movie on TV and by the time the movie was over it was time for the girls to go to bed. 

2.  I'd seen this craft floating around on Pinterest and I pinned it to do it during nap time one of the days I was able to get all 3 girls down for a nap at one time.  So yesterday while all 3 girls were napping I did a little Christmas crafting.  I love the way this turned out and it was so easy to make. 

3.  Oh the weather outside is frightfull!  The next 4 days is suppose to be filled with RAIN, ALL DAY LONG!  Today being the worst of it.  It's suppose to rain 2.44", thats a lot of rain.  Over the next 4 days were suppose to get almost 6" of rain.  YIKES! And as I'm typing this our gardener is outside doing our yard maintanence in the rain...crazy guy.  I'm thinking he could have skipped this week and came next week when it's not suppose to be raining!
4.  Our Elf RUDY made his apperance into our family on Monday night (11.26.12)  At the first the girls didn't really understand it.  But by the second day, things changed.  Kaylee understands it but Keira doesn't really.  If Kaylee starts to act out or be mean to Keira, we remind her that Rudy is watching her and if she doesn't want him to tell Santa she's being naughty then she better listen and be a good girl.
Night 1: He wrote a note to the girls and left the 3 of them little gifts
Night 2: He could be found in the dollhouse reading to the rabbits (the girls thought it was funny)
Night 3: Rudy was hanging out in the stockings by the Christmas tree
Night 4: Rudy left a special note for Keira for her BIRTHDAY!
Night 5: Rudy flew in to leave the girls a little note reminding them to be GOOD!

5.  I have so much laundry to put away, like so much.  Like 4 loads worth of clothes and I still have clothes to wash, these kids go through a lot of clothes!  The reason I have so many loads to put away is becuase I wash the clothes and then fold them into the baskets and they get left there for who knows how long.  The hubs has been going out to the garage all week to get socks!  LOL  I just keep adding clothes to the baskets.  So I think today is the day that I put ALL the clothes away.  Did I mention how much I HATE putting laundry away!

6.  The girls are working up a nice little collection of Christmas clothes to wear this month.  I mean they don't have an outfit for every day in December...haha.  They each have 2 pair of Christmas jammies, the older girls have 1 Christmas shirt and I plan to order them cute Christmas shirts from Etsy and the baby will have 3 Christmas-y outfits.  I love Christmas time.

Have a great weekend!  We'll be hanging around the house for the most part cause of the nasty storm that's here.  We will venture out on Sunday afternoon to go to the girls' cousins birthday party. 


  1. Love your elf pics! Does Keira not try to touch him? Brielle would be all over our elf if I set him down that low so I'm already running out of places up high to stick him!

  2. Loving your elf on the shelf pictures!

    That reindeer is so cute too; you are just so crafty!

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog! You have gorgeous girls and happy birthday to your sweet two year old! I love the ideas you've come up with so far for your Elf. We are skipping it this year, but maybe next year Chloe will be old enough.

  4. I love the Reindeer you made! Sooo adorable!!!

  5. very creative with the shelf on the elf I never did that as a kid but I want to do it with Matthew when he gets older, it looks like fun!! I tagged you in a christmas game going around just for fun if you'd liek to do it just check out my last post.