Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kendall's birth story {part 2} can read part 1 HERE   .....

Saturday 10.27.12
After that first big uncomfortable contraction hit I had a feeling that this might be it, these ones were acutally starting to hurt.  So I turned the TV on to distract myself from the pain while I breathed through them.  They were pretty speratic but painful.  They were coming anywhere from 6-12 minutes apart but the pain with each contraction intensified and were lasting longer (45 sec - 1 min).  The only thing that seemed to help with each contraction was to sway my lower half back and forth and breathe through each contraction.  When I noticed around 3:45am that the contractions had been coming about every 6 minutes but the pain was becoming more intense I knew it was time to wake up Jason.  On Wednesday Jane told me not to wait until they were 2-3 minutes but to come in when they became painful.  So I woke Jason up at 4am and told him that I thought it was time to go.  We got up, he got himself dressed and I freshened myself up in the bathroom while he gathered last minute stuff to put in the hospital bag.  We waited till we had everything packed and ready to go before we woke Keira up to put her in the car to take her to grandma's house.  We dropped her off and I was afraid that she wouldn't go back to sleep cause she was in the back talking to us. (she did go back to sleep)  On the way to the hospital the contractions slowed down to about every 8-10 minutes and all I could think was "please let this be it and don't get sent home".  We pulled into the empty parking lot, parked and made the short walk to the main entrance.  We had to go check in at emergency since Admission wasn't open yet.  I swayed while the lady behind the desk had me sign some papers.  We then waited for someone to come get us and wheel us up to the 3rd floor L&D.  We sat in a chair by the main front desk and waited to be brought to a room.  The nurse checked my bp and then had me do one last weight check before going to our room. (final weight 145.6)  After being weighed I slowly walked down the hall to my room, Suite 10.  It was 5am by this time and the nurse had me change into the super cute hospital gown, pee in a cup, get hooked up to the monitors and wait for the midwife to come in.  While waiting for the midwife, she started putting my IV in and taking some blood.  Jane the midwife came in and I was so happy to see that it was her.  She then checked me and I was totally and extremely shocked when she said "your 7cm, paper thin & 0 station".  All I could think was "OMG are you serious!!!".  It was so nice to hear after everything I'd been through over the last couple days that I was finally almost there.  They asked me if I wanted a dose of fentinal to take the edge off and I said ok, just so that I could hopefully get some rest.  The nurse gave me the medicine through my IV and I instantly became dizzy (which she told me would happen)   I then became very sweaty and started shaking a little, so I laid back and rested my eyes for a little bit.

About a half an hour after getting the medicine I got this really bad senstation to throw up.  I woke Jason up quickly and said "I need something to throw up in".  He dumped out the water that they brought to me and I threw up in that.  The nurses came in cause they could tell something was going on cause the monitor was all over the place.  She then gave me something else that I could get sick in if I needed to again.  After getting sick I tried to rest some more which I was able to for a little bit.  The medicine lasted about an hour before I could start feeling the contractions bad again and in my lower back.  My lower back was hurting really bad at this point, so Jason tried to help by rubbing it for me.  Again swaying back and forth was the only thing that seemed to semi help with the pain.  Jane came back in to check me and I was 8CM, still paper thin and -1 startion, she then broke my water and things went pretty fast after that.  I got sick 2 more times which is totally not fun while your having back labor on top of intense contractions.  At some points I just wanted to cry and have it all be over with.  The pain got worse and I was so happy to have Jason right there by my side to try and help as much as he could.  More time had passed and Jane came back in to check me again, she then says "ok with the next contraction I want you to give me a small push".  So the contraction came and I gave a small push, she then quickly said "STOP....lets do this, it's time to have a baby!!"  I was more than ready.
This had been the moment I'd been waiting 39 week 1 day for.  It was time to meet this little girl who had given me the worst heartburn and beat me up from the inside.  It was time to push this little girl and welcome her into our family.
The contraction came and I pushed as hard as I could, by push #3 her head was out.  Oh the burning, was intense!!  After her head was out, the midwife said "with the next contraction reach down and you can deliver your baby"  I said no I didn't want to.  I pushed 3 more times and she was out!  She came out crying and with a head FULL of black hair.  They put her right on my tummy right away for skin to skin time.  It all seemed to happen so fast but I wouldn't change it for anything.  It was such a special time, it was just Jason and I in the room to welcome our sweet girl and for some reason just having it be the two of us made it seem that much more special.  I delivered my placenta, they then cleaned me up a little bit (no tearing!) and then cleaned up all their stuff and then left us to be by ourselves and savor those precious moments as a family.  She latched on right away and started BF, like a champ!  The weird thing was that while we were marveling in all her adorableness I told Jason that I didn't even feel like I just had a baby.  Apart from the burning my lady parts didn't even hurt and I didn't have very much bleeding after!  After spending over an hour alone together the nurse came in and asked if she could take the baby to the nursery to get her cleaned up and weighed.  So the nurse and daddy headed to the nursery, I then recieved a text from Jason saying her height & weight.
Date: October 27, 2012
Weight: 7lbs 2oz
Height: 20" long
Time: 8:47am
Apgar: 9
Our first day in the hospital was good.  She BF so good and Jason stayed with us most of the day before leaving to have dinner with his parents and the girls.  He then brought me back something good to eat.  My brother and his gf were the first ones to meet baby Kendall.  My dad and step mom came and were able to see her in the nursery.  Before I was moved to my room I took a shower, which felt so nice.  I got dressed and walked down the hall to my OWN room!  Having my own room this time around was such a pleasure.  I tried to rest as much as possible cause I knew on Sunday that I might be in a lot of pain due to getting my tubes tied.  But there wasn't much resting being done, with all the nurses coming in and all the excitment I couldn't bring myself to stop staring at my sweet girl!  That night I probably slept about 3 hours, I just couldn't sleep.
Sunday morning 10.28.12 came and I knew what that day had in store for me, I would be getting my tubes tied.  The nurses were in there bright and early at 5am to start me on a bag of fluids to get me prepaird for the surgery. I was super nervous and become even more nervous when the anostesiologist came in to talk to me.  Jason called me before I was heading in and I couldn't help but get teary eyed talking to him.  The nurses were so nice saying everything was going to be ok and not ot worry, easier said than done!  I walked into the freezing operating room not really knowing what to expect and kinda freaking out about everything.  They gave me fentinal again to help me relax (bring on the dizziness again) I then recieved the spinal and could feel my legs start to get tingly.  I then laid down and after laying down I don't remember anything at all!! I do remember waking up when they were all done and I was crying.  They wheeled me into recovery where I would stay until I could move my feet a little bit.  After being in recovery for about 20 minutes I heard a nurse ask if Jason could come in and be with me.  When I was able to move my limbs a little bit they moved me back into my room.  Being moved from one bed to the other was NOT FUN!  It actually hurt really bad.  At around 2pm Jason's dad came to visit.  Jason such a huge help since it was hard to move around.  He got me anything and everything that I needed.  Later that evening we had another set of visitors Jason's aunt and uncle stopped by and brought us dinner.  They hung out for about an hour before leaving.  Jason left around 8:15pm, he was going to stop by his moms on the way home to read a book to the girls and put them to bed.  I had a great nights sleep and was very happy to be leaving Monday morning.  The nurses came in around 7am and told me I would be leaving that day so the process of getting everything ready was underway.  Jason got to the hospital around 8:30 and we hung out.  I got dressed into real clothes after being in a hospital gown for 2 days.  By 11am we were able to go home, Jason took all our stuff down to the car and pulled up out front while I waited for a wheel chiar.  6 moms/babies including me were going home.  I was so happy to be leaving and going home.  Kaylee and Keira came home around 4pm after their nap and I was happy to see them.  I will do a whole seperate post on them meeting the girls.

This was by far the best birth and hospital stay I've had out of all 3 births. I'm so glad to have it all done and be home to start getting into some sort of routine. Since having my surgery I'm not allowed to drive for 2 weeks. Jason is taking this whole week off or he's working in town near by. He's been such a great help and the girls are in LOVE with their sister!


  1. I'm glad it went so well for yoU! Sounds absolutely lovely!!

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  3. So glad it went well! Kendall is absolutly beautiful! SO glad everyone is doing well!

  4. She is absolutely beautiful! So glad everything went so well! Congratulations! =)

  5. She is gorgeous! I love birth stories...and I also had my two naturally and yes it is totally a ring of fire! :) I'm so glad that when you went back to the hospital you got to stay and that you were 7cm. Praying for a fast recovery for you and some rest! :)

  6. She is so precious---glad to hear things are going well:) Can't wait to keep reading updates!


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  9. Sounds like you had an overall wonderful experience! I'm so jealous of your pain threshold and not having to have an epidural. Way to go momma! Thank goodness the surgery went well too. I'm so excited to see more and more pictures of sweet Kendall and that head FULL of hair:)

  10. Soooo adorable!!! What a great way to document the birth for Kendall! =)

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  14. Warning, this will be a long comment. :)

    First off, I am SO happy to hear such a good hospital story. Sounds like you had a great midwife! It's also nice to hear you (and the midwife) trust your body enough to do this naturally.

    I LOVE that you got to have that skin to skin for an hour after the birth and she wasn't taken to the nursery right away! And it is so great when they nurse so well right away, isn't it? My son was like that and we had such a great breastfeeding journey (made it to two years!).

    Glad to hear everything went so good and she is such a doll! Congrats!

  15. Congratulations! She is so beautiful and perfect!