Friday, November 9, 2012

Our first week home...

{11.3.12} Kendall turned one week old
Oh my gosh, is my newest little addition really a week old already?!
Time seriously needs to slow down, cause I want to enjoy every moment with all my girls.
Here's a look at how our 1st week went!

There was a few times during the week that the girls have acted out and they've seriously tested their limits.  But they have been good other than the few bad moments. 

TUESDAY 10.30.12
Kendall has her first check up on Tuesday morning.  So we all loaded up in the car, dropped Kaylee off at school and went to our appt.  Daddy was in charge of keeping Keira occupied and I had the baby.  She got weighed and was down to 6lbs 12oz.  They checked her jaundice level and it was at 10.4, the dr said that was ok and wanted to see us back on Thursday.  We hung out the rest of the day and I had a killer headache all day, it wasn't fun.  Kendall is a breastfeeding champ and latches on really well on both sides (I had a problem with both Kaylee and Keira not wanting to latch on to my right side).  She sleeps most of the day but there are times when she's awake for 30 minutes or so.  She only cries when she's hungry.  She doesn't like to be naked at all!  This second night home went great, she ate at 11pm and slept a good 4 hours before I had to wake her up to eat cause my boobs were full.  She fell right back to sleep for another 4 hour stretch.

WEDNESDAY 10.31.12
Wednesday was Halloween.  Kendall's 1st Halloween at 4 days old, she didn't dress up cause you know she doesn't know the difference at 4 days old.  Kaylee went to school and we just hung out just the 4 of us.  Since I'm not allowed to drive Jason's mom attended Kaylee's preschool Halloween Parade and took pictures for me.  She had a good day and even brought home some goodies.  Jason's mom had brought us lunch when she dropped off Kaylee.  After nap time we decided what to do for dinner and made it easy on ourselves (mainly myself) and we ordered pizza.  After eating dinner I fed the baby and then got the girls into their costumes.  Since having surgery it's hard for me to walk long distances without getting tired and having my stomach muscles hurt, so I was able to make it a short ways before needing to come back home.  Jason took Kaylee to a few more houses before coming back.  Kendall had another great night of 4 hour stretches.


THURSDAY 11.1.12
Kendall had another dr appt this morning to check on her jaundice again.  It was the same as 2 days prior but the dr didnt seem concerned since she is pooping and peeing and eating really good.  Her poop is changing from the tar like to the yellow seedy.  She got weighed again, 2 days prior she was 6lbs 12oz and today she was 7lbs 1oz.  So yeah for gaining some weight.  She really hates to be naked when they check her and I don't blame her cause they have the room so cold.  Other than to the dr's office she had her first outting to the grocery store, no I didn't make the trip to the store alone...Jason came with me.  She slept the whole time.  During the day she's been eating every 2 hours.  I often find myself just staring at her while she sleeps cause she is just so dang cute!  Its so hard to believe that she's been here for almost a week!  Tomorrow was suppose to be my due date!  After the girls woke up from a nap, the day got really rough for me!  Kaylee has been testing her limits like no other.  She isn't listening at all, she's talking back and is crying over the littlest things.  I'm trying really hard to keep calm cause raising my voice makes my stomach hurt.  But today was rough.  I did cry a few times out of pure frusteration!  I'm hoping that Friday goes better.  It's Jason first day back at work, wish me luck! While daddy was holding Kendall she had a blowout in her diaper....LOL  So she got her FIRST SPONGE BATH, she actually did really well and didn't even cry.  At night she has continued to sleep really well, which is totally nice for me.

FRIDAY 11.2.12
Today is Jason's first day back to work.  After the super rough day with Kaylee yesterday I was really worried if I'd be able to handle today all by myself.  I was already awake at 6:30am feeding the baby when Jason's alarm went off.  We said our good byes.  Kaylee came into our room around 7:30 and we finally rolled out of bed around 7:50.  We picked out school clothes and ate some breakfast.  The girls were really good, no arguing or anything....MIRACLE...maybe.  Kaylee left for school and it was just Keira, Kendall and I.  Keira was really well behaved and did a lot of independant play.  I attempted to take some newborn pictures of Kendall (I was able to get a few, I'll try again this weekend).  Kaylee then got home from school, they ate some lunch and went down for a nap.  It was amazing cause all 3 girls were down for a nap at the same time.....ahh can you hear it....SILENCE!

SATURDAY 11.3.12
Kendall again had another great nights sleep and she continues to BF like a champ!  We had a pretty low key day.  We waited for Kaylee to get home from Grandmas.  Keira helped daddy make cinnamon rolls for breakfast, she was very proud of herself.  This whole week its been nice cause Jason has been making dinner and Keira has been helping.  Once Kaylee got home we all loaded up into the car and headed to Target, I ran in and it was nice to have a little bit of quiet time while daddy waited with the girls in the car.  Even though it was a short time alone it still felt nice.  Once we returned home we put the girls down for a nap.  Kaylee slept really good and Keira not so much, she slept an hour and woke up screaming.  I think both Kaylee and Keira might be getting sick again...uuuhhhhh!!!  Just hoping the baby or I don't get sick.  We relaxed the remainder of the day and it was nice.  I'd say that our first week home went pretty good.  We did have some not fun moments but that's normal when you bring home a new baby, right?!

To end our week here's a little comparison.  A lot of people have said that Kendall looks like Kaylee, to me Kendall looks like Keira.  What do you think? (they are all around 6 days old)


  1. I totally thought that was ALL Kendall at the end so I guess I think they all look alike!

  2. Wow, I definitely think she looks like Keira in those comparisons. They are all so cute! Glad you are adjusting and everything is going well. Yay for 4 straight hours of sleep and eating well. You are doing great Mama!

  3. I think she has Keira's coloring but Kaylee's cheeks and face shape! :-)

    Glad your first week at home has been pretty good---I'm tired just reading about it LOL

  4. She is beautiful!! All three of your baby girls are!!

  5. Sounds like you all are adjusting really well! Yay for a sleeping good at night baby:)

  6. A week old already? Why does time fly so fast? It sounds like your sweet family is transitioning well! That is great that all three napped at the same time. I bet it was to nice to catch your breath for a second! :)

  7. That's great that she's eating so well! Definitely makes it easier on you when you have a more easy going baby. I'd say your first week went pretty well. :)

  8. I'd say your first week went rather well! We are going to try for #3 after Alivia's 5th (omigod did I just say 5th?!?!?!:(:(:() birthday...which is 6 months away but unfortunately will be here before I know it.:( Anyways haha my point is, it's really nice to read how it is going for you with your two and a new baby. Alivia is a Daddy's girl and Sophie is a Mama's girl like Kaylee and Keira so I get super worried how Sophie would handle a new baby!!! I will enjoy reading all these blog posts for the next 6 months and then hopefully 9 months of pregnancy lol!!! I think that Kendall cheeks and face shape are similar to Kaylee and she has Keira's coloring...if that makes sense? It's so fun to see how they compare, how many different ways you and your hubby can create a look ya know?!? I can't wait to have another baby soon:) Love all the pictures!!!!

  9. She is just so precious! I can't get over her hair. So glad you survived the first week so well! And I LOVE all the pictures! :)

  10. Your girls are all too cute for words- BEAUTIFUL!