Monday, November 12, 2012

Two Weeks Old

Kendall turned TWO WEEKS OLD on Saturday 11.10.12  I decided I'm going to do weekly updates until she hits ONE MONTH and then I'll do monthly updates.  I cant believe how fast Kendall is changing and growing.  Seriously it needs to slow down a little bit.
My sweet girl your first week went by so fast and the second week went by just as fast.  It was a pretty good second week...your sisters adore you, you love to be snuggled on my chest to sleep, your are BFing really well and at night your sleeping 4 hour stretches.  Its been wonderful.  You are starting to stay awake for about 30-45 minutes and I even got a little smile out of you the other morning while I was talking to you. 
EATING:  you are exclusivly BF, during the day you eat every 2 hours and at night your eating every 4 hours.  Since day 1 you've been a really good eater.  You latch right on, there are some times that you will fall asleep while eating.  Unfortunatly I think our BFing journey might be coming to an end soon.  I'm sad to say that I think my milk is running out already.  I had this same problem with your sisters as well and nothing helped to make it come in.  You'll eat off both sides and still want more, so we went out and got formula.  You'll eat and then I'll feed you 1oz of formula and you are a happy camper.  Your eating about 3oz total.
SLEEPING:  you are still sleeping a lot.  You really love to be swaddled, that's when you sleep the best.  You will sleep just about anywhere (swing, boppy, my chest).  Before you arrived I intended for you to sleep in your pack n play right next to our bed, but those plans have changed you actually sleep in bed with us.  You'll wake up around 2am to eat and then fall back asleep right away and then at 5-6am feeding you'll eat and then you'll snuggle on my chest and fall back asleep for a little bit till your sister comes in. 

CLOTHING/DIAPERS:  you are still in size Newborn diapers (you swim in size 1).  You are also wearing Newborn clothes.  I tried a 0-3 month sleeper on you and you were swimming in it.  It also depends on the brand your wearing cause you have these cute newborn pants from Target that fall right off you.  So right now your mainly wearing newborn sleepers or newborn onesies with legwarmers.  You absolutely hate being naked!!

UMBILICAL CORD/FIRST BATH:  your umbilical cord finally fell off after 9 days.  I was wondering if that thing was ever going to fall off.  Once it fell off that meant that you could finally take a real bath.  At 10 days old you took your first real bath with your sister Keira.  You weren't really feeling it!

TUMMY TIME:  we have slowly started doing tummy time this week for only a few minutes at a time.  You don't seem to mind tummy time.  Your actually a pretty strong girl already!  Anytime we do tummy time your sisters like to get on the floor and do tummy time with you.

These two weeks have gone by so quickly and I'm trying to cherish each and every moment with you.  Your already changing so much and I just wish time would slow down just a little bit.  It seems like the days & weeks are just flying by.  I am really excited to be spending the holidays as a family of 5.  You fit right into our family perfectly.



  1. Here are some links that may help you out with the breastfeeding issue.

    Babies go through several growth spurts at this age. Usually 2 weeks, 6 weeks, 12 weeks, and then every three months after. They may nurse more frequently and for longer, they may want to suckle on something all the time, and seem to constantly nurse or seem to want more to eat. Especially at this age, she is still regulating your supply and telling your body how much to make (supply and demand). By giving her formula instead of nursing her again, you are telling your body not to make that extra ounce that she needs.

    I hope this doesn't come across wrong, I'm really just trying to give you the info and hoping it helps you.

    Good luck! She is do adorable!

  2. aww love those pics on the grey blanket! She is just adorable!

  3. Look at all that hair! Happy 2 weeks!

  4. You have captured such great photos of her in her short 2 weeks of life! She is just precious:)

  5. That was fast! I LOVE all the pictures! You are so blessed!

  6. Big bright eyes, long eye lashes!!!! SO CUTE!! She is absolutely precious!! I love that little leaves blanket that's really cute.

  7. How has two weeks gone by already?!? And, I love the pictures you are taking, especially the ones with the flower in her hair!