Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone to quickly.
I am thankful for so much this year...
* my wonderful and loving hubby
* my 3 beautiful little girls
* my family
* my health
& having a roof over my head
We celebrated Thanksgiving twice.
But first let me talk about Kaylee's Thanksgiving luncheon at school.
On Wednesday before Thanksgiving I joined some of the other parents at school to have lunch with our kiddos.  The luncheon was for only an hour, so I dropped off Keira and Kendall at grandmas and went to be with Kaylee.  It was fun to watch her sing and dance with her classmates and then she and her friends enjoyed some turkey, mash potatoes, fruit, corn bread and some yummy pumpkin pie.  It was nice to spend some one on one time with her.


* * * * * *
Before leavingthe house I wanted to attempt to get a picture of the girls together.
Thank you daddy for getting the girls to look and smile!

On Thursday we had 2 Thanksgiving stops.
Our first stop was to Jason's grandparents house to visit and so that everyone could see the baby.  The girls had so much fun playing with their cousins, they didn't want to leave.  We stayed there a couple hours before leaving to go to Jason's great grandmas house.

At Jason's great grandmas I wanted to get a new generation picture now that Kendall is here.
I will cherish these pictures.  Jason's great grandma is 93 and I think its awesome that the girls get to say that they have a great great grandma.

We enjoyed a great turkey dinner and the dessert.
Keira enojyed going around to everyone and sampling their dessert, everyone got a kick out of it.
We then went outside before it got to cold to take some family pictures (which you wont be able to see cause we are using them for our xmas cards) and then the girls ran around with daddy while Kendall and I went into the house to stay warm.
We said our good byes and went home to watch a movie as a family, it was a great way to end our Thanksgiving.


* * * * * *

Friday we were heading to Jason's moms for our Thanksgiving there.
Jason and Kaylee headed over there around 7:30 and Keira, the baby and I stayed back to meet up with them later.  We all got up around 8:20 ate some breakfast and then got ready.  We left and headed to hang out at grandma's.  The girls played and went on a walk with grandma before going down for a nap.  We brought over our smoker to smoke the turkey again this year.  So Jason was outside every 30 minutes basting the turkey.

Kendall and I relaxed while the girls slept, I tried to take a nap but Kendall had other plans.
The turkey came off the smoker around 3pm to settle.
Jason and his mom made the rest of our turkey dinner before we all sat down to eat.
Oh the turkey was amazing just like it was last year.
After enjoying that awesome dinner, we had pumpkin pie and apple crisp.
We then headed home to relax and get ready for the maddness of Keira's party the next day.


Kaylee working on her 60pc big girl puzzles.  She can do these all by herself!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year
I am so blessed and thankful!


  1. Great pics! Kendall is changing so much in looks already! I'm impressed Kaylee can do those puzzles---I don't even have patience to do them LOL

  2. Great Pictures! I'm glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving!! =)

  3. Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

  4. Lidia loves puzzles like that too! Although she can't do them by herself! And Lidia also has the same shirt as Kaylee in that last pic... besties forever! :)

    Glad your Thanksgiving was great! And glad you got some one on one time with Kaylee girl!

    Oh and I LOVE that pic of you and Keira! SOOO CUTE!

    Kendall is giving me baby fever :)

  5. Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I'm a little late.. but wow three girls, how cool is that!?! We are awaiting our third now and I am very anxious.