Friday, November 2, 2012

Kaylee's preschool Halloween Parade

On Wednesday 10.31.12 afternoon Kaylee attending her first Halloween Parade at school.
We were informed that they were to come to school in their regular clothes and then at 11am they would change into their costumes and then do a parade around the school till 12.
Since I wasn't able to drive, Jason's mom attended for me and took pictures for me.
I got to finally see who Kaylee's best friend is, its Cat (she's the little girl behind Kaylee in line)
Kaylee had a lot of fun grandma said.
After school grandma then treated Kaylee, Keira and myself to some McDonalds.
Kaylee came home with a bag full of goodies from school, she was nice enough to share some stickers with Keira and even some fruit snacks.

(skipping during circle time)

(Kaylee's best friend Cat is the little girl behind her)


  1. Awww How cute!! Love her Merida costume!!!

  2. So adorable! I hope all is well momma!

  3. So cute! Love how she was standing so nicely with her hands behind her back hehe :-)

  4. So cute!! The kids here aren't allowed to do anything "Halloween" at school. It kinda makes me mad, but oh well! She looks so adorable dressed in her costume!!! =)

  5. She looks so cute in her Brave dress!

  6. What a fun parade! I just found your blog and am a new follower :) I keep seeing your comments b/c we both follow the same lovely blogs. You have an adorable family!

  7. Tons of fairys & princess's go figure :)!! lol