Monday, July 2, 2012

Baby 3 Name Ideas

So I've come up with my list of names that I like for our newest member.
I don't have a stand out favortie yet, but I'm hoping Jason and I can both agree on a name and soon cause there are things to be monogrammed!  LOL
If you are new to my blog both our daughters name start with a K and we are keeping with a K name for this little girl as well.  We didn't want her to feel left out if we named her something other than a K name. 
I had about 10 names written down, Jason and I sat down while in between watching the bachlorette and him playing on the computer to talk about baby names.  I knew we needed to do this now cause it could take awhile to get Jason to agree upon a name.  So out of the 10 names I had, we have it narrowed down to 4.  Here are the 4 names were considering, I put them in order of my preference.

1. Kaelyn  2. Kendall  3. Kristin  4. Katelyn

These are the names that Jason & I could agree upon and that he didn't say no too.  I'm glad we have it narrowed down to these 4,  I am really liking the first two the most.

When picking out names for our kids Jason takes it seriously, not saying that everybody doesn't.  But he thinks about what the name will sound like when she's 30 and if she'll like it, he doesn't want her to have a name that sounds to babyish when she's older either.  He's very simple.  Picking out Kaylee's name was actually pretty easy, we found out she was a GIRL and within 2 weeks we decided on her name.  Kaylee has the same middle name as my mom and I.  When I got pregnant with our second it was A LOT harder to pick a name that Jason liked.  I even went with names that didn't start with a K cause we weren't sure if we'd name them both a K name at first. Jason rejected all of names that I first came up with.  So we talked and decided we wanted to keep with the K names for our second daughter.  Keira didn't get her name until around 35 weeks and that was hard for me cause I wanted us to decide on a name.  We finally agreed on Keira and since it was so hard to just agree on that name Jason said I could pick her middle name he didn't care what it was.  Keira's middle name has no significant meaning, I just liked Alexis.  (Alexis was on my list as her first name).  So now that we are having our 3rd daughter I think it's going to be evern harder to agree on a name but I really hope that by the end of this week we can agree on a name!  But once we agree upon a first name my next challenge is coming up with a middle name.  (if this little one was a boy we already had his name all picked out)

So vote for your favorite name and see if it's the name we pick!
Also if you want to help me out and come up with a middle name that goes with your favorite first name that would be awesome and would help me narrow some middle names down!

* * * * * * * *


My 22 week appt was scheduled for last Friday but I needed to change it cause we went out of town that day.  So I had my appt today where they do all the normal stuff that you do every time you go in there, plus the dr would be going over my ultrasound I had from 2 week prior.

After leaving my appt today I was PISSED to say the very least.  The dr I saw today was the normal dr I see.  The dr today was really rude and very one word answers which made me mad.  He came in asked if there were any problems, I said NO and then he proceeded to tell me my urine was dirty and he was going to write me a Rx.  He then walked over said "lay down, lift your shirt" he measured me and then listened to the heartbeat real quick and then whipped the gel off my belly and then walked away wrote something on my chart and then walked out of the room.  He didn't even help me get back up.  And when I finally did sit back up I was like thats it.  I got up and walked to the door way and was like what about my ultrasound, does everything look ok?   His response "yeah it looks good, your done".  He just totally rubbed me the wrong way and I complained about him when I made my next appt in the front.  In 4 weeks I will be back to seeing my original dr.

22 weeks 3 days
Weight: In 4 weeks I've gained 5lbs (total wt gained so far 8lbs)  
BP: 117/75
Measuring: 20 weeks
Heartbeat: was good
Urine: dirty (wrote a Rx for urine infection)
* * * * * * * * *
Monday's are my new "ME DAY".  Jason's mom usually picks up the girls on Mondays at 4:30 and drops them off at 8.  Well she has decided to make my life a little bit easier and to give me a break that she is going to pick the girls up at 12.  She'll take Kaylee to summer school and pick her up and while Kaylee is at school Keira will take her nap.  And after they pick Kaylee up they will spend the rest of their time hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa.  The girls should LOVE it.  So that means that mommy has a whole 8 hours to herself.  Today is the first day and I already have a long laundry list of things to do today like
* go to my dr appt - DONE
* go by the bank - DONE
* vacuum (and be happy that the girls wont be spilling their food crumbs on the floor 5 minutes after I've vacuumed their previous food crumbs off the floor) - DONE
* wash/put away laundry (BOOO) - HALF DONE (all the laundry has been washed but not put away)
* put away/fill the dishwasher
* clean the bathroom
* clean the girls room - DONE
* grocery shopping (if I feel up to it)
* hang some pictures in the girls room - DONE
I'm hoping that every Monday I don't have a huge list like this to do and I can actually relax.  We'll see if I actually get this list all done today.  I know I have the time and it will be quiet, but the question is whether I'll get my butt off the couch to actually do or if I'll sit on the couch and relax after the weekend we had with the girls.
I don't know what was up with them but they were HORRIBLE this weekend!
There was LOTS of FIGHTING, CRYING, TIME OUTS and mommy raising her voice a lot.  They seriously wore me out this weekend.   The first part of the morning on Saturday was good.  Grandma dropped off Kaylee at 8:30, Keira slept in till 9 and then we all got up and got ready and ran some errands, the girls were awesome.  We came back they went down for a nap and after they woke up they were stinkers the rest of the day.
Then Sunday just started off bad with Keira waking up crying cause Kaylee was teasing her and it just got worse from there.  Kaylee for some reason is being a meany.  She was the one who had to sit in time out a lot this weekend.  Sunday morning was so bad with them that I had mommy break down and even cried!  So the hubs came in and took over so that I could have a break. (which was awesome of him).  After nap time on Sunday the rest of the day went a little better. After dinner I got a lot of snuggle time from my sweet little miss.
But Monday morning is here and everyone woke up in a great mood and from 8-12 there was very little fighting and lots of snuggling watching cartoons.  Which I am so thankful for cause I really needed it.


  1. I love Kendall! It was on my list for Carsyn but I was going to spell it Kendyl. also like kaelyn but it seems so close to kaylee. I love talking about baby names! I have a whole list but I'm pretty sure I'm done with 3!

  2. I pick Kendall!!! We played at the pool with an adorable little Kendall today actually haha.

    I was thinking the same thing as Ashley above---I do love Kaelyn, but I think it might be hard to distinguish with Kaylee when you are calling for them since they sound similiar ;-)

    I have a cousin named Kristin and I like that too.

    1. thanks Shawna. I am loving Kendall more and more. I do agree after lots of people telling me on instrgram and saying all 3 names together that Kaelyn does sound to close to Kaylee

  3. I know that it's number 3 on your list, but I really like Kristin. It still starts with a K, but it's not quite as similar to your other girls' names.

  4. Kaelyn!! It's close to Callyn (actually people always mispronounce Callyn as that) and cute!! ;) Maybe I'm biased though!

  5. I like all the names, but I'm voting Kendall! Nothing makes me more angry then a bad experience at a Dr. appt....grrr! I'm sorry that happened to you. Umm...the mommy time for 8 hours sounds AMAZING! You are one lucky lady!

    1. I think I'm going to push the name Kendall more to the hubs in hopes he says yes. I had to do the same thing when we picked Keira's name. haha That dr made me so mad when I left there, I made sure to complain about him at the front when I left. My 8 hours of alone time was awesome, relaxing and sad (I missed them). It made me feel good though that they were so excited to see me when they got home.

  6. I love Kendall!!! Super cute name!! =)

    1. I love it too and I think that's the name I love the most. It sounds good with the Kaylee and Keira.

  7. My vote is for Kaelyn :) Love all your dauthers' names! We are due 6 days I'm excited to watch your pregnancy progession! Kaylee was on my list of names :) Sorry about your crappy Dr.!

    1. Oh how exciting. I am excited to be following you too. Its fun to be pregnant with people who are due around the same time as you. I'm glad I wont have to see that Dr again, he made me really mad and upset when I left.

  8. I vote for Kendall and next Katelyn! I always loved Kendall and thought something like Kendall Rylee would be cute!!!

    1. Thanks Belle. I am loving Kendall more and more. When saying the 3 names they all sound good together. Now I just need to figure out a middle name, which can be just as hard!

  9. I love Kendall!! Girl you are looking great!!

    1. I am loving Kendall too.
      Awe thank you.

  10. Sorry I'm a little late to the name game here, but I love Kendall. It was actually one of my top choices if this baby was a girl. Tyler didn't really approve, but it ended up not mattering :) I think Kendall will be so cute with Kaylee and Keira. I tried thinking of a good middle name, but haven't come up with anything yet. Ours was probably going to be a family name.

  11. I LOVE Katelyn. And I also like Kendall. I think Kaelyn sounds too much like Kaylee. Basically the "lyn" is the only difference....And a good middle name with either could be Jolie :) It means Pretty. Katelyn Jolie or Kendall Jolie. And it starts with a J! (wasn't your boys name a J name?)

  12. I love Kendall!! I think it would sound great with your other sweet girls' names!!

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