Thursday, July 12, 2012

How we spent our 1st day without daddy

The girls started the day off yesterday bright and early like 6:15am. They were both awake in time to say bye to daddy again. Mommy for sure wasn't ready to be up that early!! After daddy left at 6:40 the girls & I laid in bed watching cartoons. By 7:15 they were ready to go out to the living room for breakfast and more cartoons.

I am happy to say that the morning seemed to go by fast which was nice.My mom called while we were outside playing so we talked to her for a little bit before heading back inside for a much needed nap for all of us. The girls went down at 12 and kaylee was up by 2:30, Keira on the other hand woke up at 4:15...can we say growth spurt!!

Once the girls woke up I got all our stuff that we would need to go to grandmas and loaded everyone up including the dog. We made a pit stop by the bank for my brother and then headed to grandmas. We got there around 5:40 & grandma was suppose to be home around 7. So we played outside, swung on the swings, looked for frogs in the pond & visited the chickens while waiting for grandma. We then decided to come inside cause it was hot outside. Kaylee played some beautiful music on the piano and we read a ton of books.

Finally around 7:15 grandma arrived home. The girls were so excited to see her. Grandma had a beer & changed her clothes and we headed back outside to do some fruit & veggie picking. This is what the girls do every Monday when they come. So it was fun to see them. Grandma picked peaches & Kaylee would put them in the basket. The gurus would sample them as they would go. We then moved on to picking baby tomatoes and then green beans. We then went to see the chickens & baby chicks. They checked to see if there were any eggs (only 1). We then headed back inside to eat dinner. We had egg salad sandwiches with the peaches we picked. After eating I got the girls into their jammies and grandma read them 2 books and we then called daddy to say good night. The girls went right to sleep. I made my way in around 11 and baby girl decided it was time for a dance party and kept me awake for an hour before stopping. Jason sent me a text saying they were stopping in AZ for the night.

All in all we had a pretty good day. Not a lot of fighting and some pretty good listening plus the day went by pretty fast so that made it nice.

(I'm writing this from my iPad so all my pictures will show up at the bottom, still new at using blogger from here and not from my computer). It put my pictures all out of order. I don't know how to fix them so oh well.


  1. Cute pics! What app are you using to blog from your iPad?

  2. How fun!! They are getting so big!!

  3. Super cute! Looks like they're having fun :-)

  4. Super cute pics! I have to say that Kiera looks so grown up now in these photos! =)

    1. Thank you
      I know she does look so grown up :(. She's getting so big, she'll be 20 months at the of the month. That means only 4 months till she's 2!!