Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

1. As of today daddy will be home in 4 days! YAY. Were in the home stretch. He'll have been gone a total of 17 days, the longest he's ever been away. I will be so glad when he gets home and I know the girls will too. The girls have talked with daddy everyday since he's been gone. Sometimes through out the day both girls will say they miss daddy and they want him home.

2. On Sunday morning we left grandmas to head home for the day until she sent me a text saying they were having septic problems and it would probably be better to stay home (they had no water or toilets). So I decided yesterday that we would just spend the rest of the week at home. I'm hoping to get the girls back into their routine and hope that by doing so their behavior will improve. I am so glad to be back in my own bed again! After Kaylee got out of school yesterday I dropped them off for their usual Monday visit with grandma and collected the rest of our stuff. We've been doing good at home and I do see improvement in the way there acting. I really approximate all the help I got from Jason's mom the past week in a half. It helped me a lot!

3. This past week I've been a crafting machine. Doing a bunch of DIY crafts for the girls room. So while the girls were at grandmas yesterday I got to work putting all their new decor in its place. If you follow me on instagram you got to see a sneak peek but I plan to take better pictures with my good camera and do a whole post on their room. I have some more things to do before it's fully finished. I have to get 2 20x30 frames and pick the pictures I want to use. I also want to print out a few more printables for both the girls and the baby's side. I also need to get more frames for the baby's side for her newborn pictures.

4. I have my 26 week dr appt on Thursday. Hopefully they'll tell me when I get to take the dreaded glucose test and I have to get my Rh shot by 28 weeks (I'm Rh negative). We're getting closer to the 3rd trimester and I feel like we have so much stuff that we need to get. I've slowly been getting smaller size clothes 0-9 months. (I know your probably asking shouldn't you have all those sizes already since I have 2 young toddlers? My answer is when I thought we were done have babies I actually sold almost all of the girls now I have to start over. I also sold a lot of their blankets, which is why I'm making some). It's time to bust out my pen and paper and start making a list of things I need to get.

5. Sunday night was the finale of The Bachelorette and I was so happy that she picked Jef. They make a cute couple. I though her and Arie had more of a physical connection then anything else. But I'm excited to see who they pick as the next bachelor, maybe Sean. Monday night I watched the first episode of Bachelor Pad. I've never watched it before but it seems like it'll be good entertainment.

6. I really need to start thinking about Keira's 2nd birthday. On the 29th of this month she'll be 20 months old which leaves me 4 months tiller birthday but I have to remember ill have a newborn right before her birthday so I need to figure out a theme and start slowly working on the decor so that I have it all done and taken care of before new baby K comes. There are so many cute ideas out there that I've pinned on pinterest but I just don't know. Any ideas???

7. I've been a pinning machine on pinterest pinning newborn poses and sibling poses that I can't wait to try with the girls. For their sibling pictures I want them all to be wearing lace petit rompers. Kaylee already has a brown one so I need to pick two more colors for Keira and the baby... Ideas on what colors I should for them that match brown??

Coming up on the blog:
• Wednesday 7/25 - wordless Wednesday
• Thursday 7/26 - flower wall madallion tutorial
• Friday 7/27 - 26 week bumpdate
• Monday 7/30 - welcoming daddy home & uncle Josh's birthday
• Tuesday 7/31 - Keira is 20 months old

Here are some random pictures from the past few days


  1. I'm Rh negative too... I totally forgot about getting that shot! My glucose test is on Thursday. Here's hoping we are BOTH good to go for the remainder of our pregnancies!

    What is your user name for Instragram? And while we're at it I should find you on Pinterest. I want to see some of these newborn/sibling shots! I never even thought about that but now I'm excited. :)

    And I'm so glad that Emily picked Jef. Now I can go on with my life and not be obsessed with that show!

  2. I am negative blood type as well! But Vince is negative too so I only had to get the one shot! I am so happy for y'all that he comes homes so soon!! I love all your creative juices lately!! Their room is too darn cute!

    1. Yeah I had to get the shot after I had kaylee cause she didn't have a negative, but I didn't have to get the shot after having Keira cause she was negative. Thank you I've had fun crafting

  3. I'd do light pink and cream/off white for the other two rompers. I think brown, light pink, and cream is a super cute color scheme---and kinda shabby chic which tends to be the look of those rompers :-)

    Can't wait to see the girls' room! I need to start planning d ecor for our new playroom---once Brielle moves into Raya's room with her we are turning the nursery into the playroom, so that our current playroom can become my Etsy office. I want to keep the trees we already painted on the wall though so I'm thinking maybe some sort of enchanted fairy forrest theme playroom!

    1. Thank you for the romper help, I was thinking those colors too

      I'll be doing a post soon. I want to get their big pictures above their bed first before showing it. I love th enchanted fairly forest idea. I bet you can find a lot of cute ideas on Pinterest

  4. Oh my goodness- why have I just stumbled upon your page?! haha how random! your girls are adorable & congrats on baby#3!! :)

  5. I'm so glad to hear that the girls seem to be doing better now that you guys are back home and I can't wait to see all of the decorations you have been making for their room!!!!

    I too was excited that Emily picked Jef - I loved her and I just thought he was the cutest:) I hope it works out for them!

  6. I love the pictures of the dogs! The little one has the bigger bed - ha! :)

  7. I was super glad that Emily picked Jef too! I thought Arie was pretty cute, but I agree they had more of a physical attraction. Haven't yet watched the Bachelor Pad, but I may =)

    1. Bachelor pad seems like there might be a lot of drama! You should watch it

  8. Girl you're a rock star. I think I would have died 17days with 2kids AND another on the way. I always say single mommas are superheroes.
    But at least you've been keeping yourself busy :-)