Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Keira is 20 months old

Keira Alexis,

You turned 20 months on July 29th.  It's hard to believe that in just 3 short months your going to be a BIG SISTER and I cant wait to see how you are with your baby sister.  Your so gentle and sweet to your baby dolls that I think your going to adjust just fine to baby K.  And another thing I cant believe is that in 4 months we'll be celebrating your 2nd birthday.  How is this possible already?!  You are growing and changing everyday.  But I have enjoyed watching you grow and learn these past 20 months with you.  Your starting to get such a sassy attitude, which is cute.  It's not the same sassy attitude that your older sister has so I'm ok with it for now.  You think your big like Kaylee and you want to do everything that she does, if Kaylee makes a noise you try and make the same noise, if Kaylee climbs up the slide backwards you do the same want to be just like sissy.

I love how if someone gets hurt you run over and ask if their ok while patting them on their back, sweetest thing ever!  You can be such a sweet girl but there are times when you can be mean.  You sometimes will just walk up to Kaylee and pull her hair for no reason or hit her.  You will yell at Kaylee is she does something wrong to you and then you point to time out!

Weight: 24lbs (grandma's home scale)
Height: 34" long
Clothes: 18-24 months
Shoes: size 4
Diapers: size 4
Teeth: 12 (no canines yet)

FAVORITE TOYS:  baby dolls, baby dolls, baby dolls, books & baby dolls.  You love your dolls and you carry them around the house every where and then you need all 3 of your babies when you go down for a nap and bed time.  You are very gentle with your babies and oh so sweet.
FAVORITE FOODSEVERYTHING  you are such a good eater, its fantastic!  You will try pretty much anything.  While we were staying at grandmas house you ate a BBQ oyster.  Does any one else have a 20 month old that will even try oysters?!  It makes it really easy for mommy to do breakfast, lunch and dinner for you because you are not picky at all!  I wish your older sister would eat as good as you!

DISLIKES: when your sister picks on you, when you get told NO, when Kaylee corrects you for doing something, when you don't get your way and having to come in from being outside.

LIKES: copying everything that Kaylee does, being outside, going up the slide the wrong way, snuggling with mommy, eating, dancing, singing and grandma.

TALKING:  you are talking up a storm and putting more words together to make sentences.  You talk non stop and you little voice is so cute to listen too.  I was a little worried a couple months ago cause you weren't talking as much cause Kaylee was always talking for you, but you've found your voice and you now talk over her!  Sometimes you talk a little too loudly and we've been trying to work on "inside" voices for when the baby comes.  Its gotten better.


* your a big fan of watching cartoons and singing and dancing along with them. 

* you are a funny little girl and you know how to make mommy laugh just when I need it.

* you are very caring and I love that about you.  When mommy doesn't feel good or if I say "ouch" you run over and make sure I'm ok or you sit with me on the couch to snuggle.  Friday's after Kaylee leaves to go to grandma's thats our time together, which I treasure so much.  We like to read books, watch cartoons and play.  I enjoy this time cause I know in a couple months it will be different.

* you have a new routine on Monday's.  Grandma use to pick you and sissy up at 4:30 but now she picks you guys up at 12, she drops Kaylee off at school and then you go back to grandma's house read a book and then you take a nap before going to get sissy at 3:30.  You then go back to grandmas to have your fun.  Although mommy misses you while your gone for those 8 hours but mommy does need that break.

* you like to get on Kona and pretend she is a horse.  Kona is such a good dog that she just lays there and lets you do whatever to her.  You've just recently started saying "giddy up"

* you can climb onto the rocking horse

* you can climb onto Kaylee's bike and reach the pettles but cant quite make it go.  You might be getting a tricycle for your birthday

I want to enjoy these last few months with you before our normal routine changes with the presence of your new little sister.  My hope for you and your sister is that you don't feel left out when your new sister comes but that you feel more loved from us and your new sister.  You and your sister are still the most important people in my life and adding another little person to the mix isn't going to change that at all.

Sweet Girl I love you to the moon and back!


  1. Time is flying! Her hair is so long, makes her look like such a big girl!!!

  2. awww. happy 20 big months to her! she is gorgeous. her eyes!

  3. I'm so excited to see how she does with the new baby. Henry will be 19, almsot 20 months when we have our second and know that'sa hhuge difference frmo 23 months, but I'm still excited to see what (may) lay before me!

  4. Your girls are g going to love looking back and reading these one day! So sweet

  5. Oh my she is just so precious. My little girl, Sophia, just turned 18 months yesterday. I cannot believe how fast it goes.

  6. I'm going to come and steal Keira (and Kaylee too!) so our girls can play. no joke, Keira's personality is so much like Carly's. It's so funny! They would either LOVE each other or fight all the time. BUTTTTT. I don't care. They HAVE to meet someday :)