Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A few Wednesday Loves

1.  I am LOVING that daddy is home and so are the girls.  I wish I would have gotten their reaction on video, cause it was the cutest thing ever.  I may have even gotten teary eyed when they went running out to him calling his name.  Melt my mama heart into a million pieces.  I was very happy to see him as well and am really glad he only goes on those types of trips once a year.

2.  I am LOVING that we are pretty much prepaired for baby K to arrive.  Yesterday morning the girls and I made a trip to Target to get the last little bit of stuff that we needed for her.  Tomorrow there will only be 90 days or less till her arrival.  I cant believe were like 90 days out, that seems so soon!  She might need a few more outfits/sleepers and more diapers but I think other than that she's set for a little bit.  I'm thinking since she'll be born before Christmas that she'll just ask for gift cards so that I can get her things she needs as we go.   I do want to make her 2 more blankets.  I found the cutest little birdie fabric at JoAnns in their weekly add that I want to get and I think I want to use minky fabric on the next blankets.

3.  I am LOVING that I found a great deal on etsy to get 3 lace petti rompers for $30.  This is awesome cause now I can order the girls rompers for their sibling pictures after baby K gets here.  I've decided to go with the colors TURQUOISE, WATERMELON & WHITE.  These will go nicely together in pictures and I can also use the pom poms in their room as props.  I cant wait!  I've been pinning so many ideas from Pinterest.

4. I am LOVING that we're getting back into our normal routine now that daddy is back and the girls behavior has greatly improved since daddy has been back.  It's so nice to not have as much back talking or fighting going on.  The girls still have their moments where they are equally mean to each other which we are working on.  I'm looking into signing the girls up for ballet class together.  They both love to dance and I think they would have a great time.  I mean how cute are little girls in leotards, tights and little ballet shoes?!

5.  I am LOVING that on Monday's I get a mommy break. An 8 hour mommy break to be exact. The girls go with Jason's mom from 12-8 which gives this mama time all to herself and then time to spend with my sweet hubby.  It gives Jason and I a chance to have date night or run any type of errands.  This past Monday I had to take my glucose test which took a little longer than normal and by the time I made it home I saw the girls for about 45 mintues before they left.  I would like to go get a pedicure on one of my mommy Monday's (it would be my first one ever!)

6.  I am LOVING that the girls room is almost done being decorated.  Here are the two pictures I've decided I'm going to use above the girls bed, I'm gonna get these in a 20x30.  Once I get these printed and hung their room will be done and I'll be able to show you all what it looks like complete.  I'm still trying to decide if we should transition Keira into her big girl bed before or after the baby comes.  Any suggestions?  The baby will be born sometime around Novemeber 2nd.  Keira will be turning 2 November 29th.  I'm not sure what to do.  We already have her bed and she was going to get it for her birthday from Jason's dad.  I will be changing out the pictures in their room in the frames already once we take sibling pictures and pictures alone.


  1. All great loves today! We are having the big kid bed transition talk too. Meyer still does so well in his crib and never tries to climb out so I hate to change what's working! I'm so glad for you that Jason is home, the girls are better and you are getting things together for baby K! You're on top of it momma!

  2. I love those rompers - great color choices! I can't believe you have everything you need for the baby. I have nothing - ha ha!

  3. hey girl!! thanks for coming over today! glad you did so i could find your cute blog:) your girls are beautiful and thats exciting you are having another little girl!! congrats:)
    following back!:)


  4. I love the colors you are choosing for the rompers! That will make a gorgeous photo :-)