Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Crayons & Magic Markers

Kaylee has been taking around a 2 hour nap on days that she doesn't have school so Thursday - Sunday.  She usually wakes up before Keira does, so in that time I try to find productive things for her to do while I finish doing the things I'm doing while they nap.

For her birthday she got money and with that money she picked out some coloring books, new crayons and this Toy Story Magic Marker coloring book.  She decided she wanted to color with her crayons and Cars coloring book first.  She colored in that for a good 30 minutes before wanting to open her Magic Marker kit.

Once she was done with the crayons she put them back in the box and asked if she could open her new coloring stuff.  So I opened it all for her and showed her how it worked.  She thought it was the greatest thing ever.  You take the marker and color on the paper and it appears.  She colored almost every page in that book and loved watching the colors appear as she colored with the majic pens.  It was so cute to watch her get so excited.  The nice thing about these markers is that they ONLY work on this coloring book.  So there is NO unexpected coloring on things that shouldn't be colored on.


  1. I keep meaning to get Raya a color wonder book...looks fun!

  2. She really colors in the lines good! Both girls are sooo into coloring right now and all Lidia does is draw "happy faces" all the time. She's getting really good! I love the little "free time" coloring gives momma too!

  3. Carleigh has the color wonder books and markers too. Best. Thing. Eveeeer. Kids can be artistic without being destructive. Perfect!

  4. I love Color Wonder!

    She did such a great job on her picture!

  5. Color wonder is awesome!! Emma has moved on, but b/c Aaron likes to decorate everything else along with the coloring books, we still keep them around! LOL

    Your beautiful little artist did a great job on her picture!