Thursday, August 23, 2012

Life Lately...

#1.  Today we went to Kaylee's school for back to school for the parents and kids.  I noticed yesterday when I went to pick her up from summer school that they were in the process of changing everything around for this up coming school year.  Her first day of preschool is on Monday.  Her schedule is going to be a little different then were use to, there wont be a lot of time for play in the mornings.  We have to make sure to get up, get fed and dressed before 8:30 cause she has to be at school by 9am.  So we will need to get use to that.  But she should have an awesome school year.  Speaking of, on Tuesday I had a super fun mail day where her "school days" book came in the mail.  Its going to be fun filling that out and having it as a wonderful keepsake.

Here's a little fun from the open house today (8-23-12)

#2.  I turn 30 weeks tomorrow, is it to early to start getting things together and packed for mine and Kendall's hospital bag?  I mean you never know.  Be prepaired tomorrow for a little bit of complaining in my 30 week bumpdate.  I have a dr appt today after Kaylee's open house. I have to get my rogam shot, not looking forward too!  I'm gonna guess since I never heard from my dr that I PASSED my glucose test.  After today's appt I will be seeing my dr every 2 weeks until 36 weeks when I'll start going every week.  It's getting so close to the end.  I'll be going through all of Kendall's things and washing everything that needs to be washed and just organizing it a little better.  We have to get her a dresser for her stuff, so that her stuff isn't in plastic bags.

#3. Nap time lately has been such a chore.  The girls go down at 12 and most days it takes them about an hour before they finally fall asleep.  I don't know why, nothing in our schedule has changed.  But the girls talk, Keira sqeals, Kaylee gets out of bed and plays or just bugs Keira.  Any suggestions to get them to go to sleep and stop playing around?!

Nothing else really exciting has been happening lately.  Just getting things together for Kaylee to start her first day of preschool on Monday.  On Saturday daddy is working, so we'll just be hanging out.  Hopefully on Sunday we can do something fun.


  1. when i first read #2 I saw you're turning 30! and thought no she's not that old! lol aw cute just noticed the ultrasound of kendall to the right. :)

  2. Um okay, naptime is turning into such a chore over here too. C usually goes down around 1pm. It's been so 50/50 though recently....he'll either pass out no problem OR play, carry on, do puzzles, etc. I don't know what it is but I DO know he needs to keep napping. For both him AND me :) Especially once brother gets here!

  3. Yay for school :-) Raya was so funny....she went to her preschool open house back in May, but she still talks about the dora dollhouse there....she's so excited for preschool because of that! lol.

  4. You seriously always have the girls' hair so cute! I love Kaylee's hair and the flower in it from her open house! I hope her first day goes well on Monday.

  5. wow...her preschool classroom looks so full on fun learning activities for the kids - thats really awesome!!!! I can't believe you are already 30 weeks with kendall....time has just flown by!!! BOO on the rhogam shot...i had to get those as well and they are no fun:(

  6. Have you tried putting one of the girls to bed first for naps? Maybe put one down and as soon as she's asleep (it might be quicker if the other sister isn't in there) put the other one down. Just a thought...