Friday, August 17, 2012

29 week bumpdate

How far along? 29 weeks
How big is the baby? baby is the size of BUTTERNUT SQUASH.  Weighing almost 3lbs and is around 15" long.
Weight Gain/Loss: not sure, don't have a dr appt until Aug 23rd
Maternity clothes? still wearing yoga pants and tank tops or my pajama bottoms
Stretch marks? no new ones!
Sleep: sleep has been ok.  I've been staying up to late at night so I need to go to bed earlier.  I usually wake up once at night around 2:00am to go to the bathroom and then can fall right back to sleep.  I haven't been napping during the day, so come 6:00pm I am tired and ready for bed.
Best moment this week: revealing baby girls name.
Miss Anything? not being out of breathe all the time, not being tired and being so sore!
Movement: LOTS, she is most active mid afternoon & at night. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: if I don't drink enough water or if I do to much I feel like I need to be sick.

Labor Signs: None.
Symptoms: braxton hicks, tired and lower back is super sore especially when I do a lot of cleaning!
Belly Button in or out? In the middle (its not really in but its not out)
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood: Happy
Looking forward to: washing all her clothes, getting my hospital bag ready (yes I'm one of those people who have their bag ready way ahead of time, you never know) and getting all the goodies I ordered for her and the girls in the mail.
How the siblings are doing: the girls are doing great.  Kaylee continues to ask me if baby sissy is coming out of my mouth and she likes to feel when Kendall is kicking, she thinks it's pretty awesome!  Keira has been giving baby sissy lots and lots of kisses!  I cant wait to see how they will interact with her once she arrives.


  1. You look fantastic! Almost in the home stretch!

  2. I love your belly! I love that your mood is happy too!! Enjoy!

  3. Lookin' good! Can't believe you're getting so close to 30 weeks already!

  4. Yay, almost to 30! I'm amazed at how much water I drink and if I don't, I get really nauseous too. You look great!

  5. You look great! And I love the name!!

  6. Still looking fabulous momma!

  7. I cannot believe you only have 11 weeks left! Its flown by, for me at least! You look amazing!

  8. I have been so out of the blue! Congrats on another baby girl! You are precious and very blessed! Have an awesome weekend!

  9. out of your mouth?! haha too you look great! almost there!

  10. LOVE your bump and the way you dress it!! :)

  11. I seriously love how similar our pregnancies are. From symptoms to aches and pains down to how close our due dates are. You are also looking amazing! I'm so jealous of your long torso. I'm so short and squatty that 10lbs looks like 25 on me.

  12. Lookin' cute as always! :)

  13. haha I love Kaylee's question. It can be so confusing! Cullen still doesn't get that he and Bennett came from my belly, he thinks B came from Daddy haha

  14. I love the name Kendall! We actually couldn't decide between Kendall or Kay for Aubrey's middle name. We ended up going with Kay only because it seemed more "simple" since Autumn's middle is Leigh.

    You look absolutely adorable! It's flying by!!!!