Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kaylee's preschool fashion wish list

With Kaylee's preschool year is fastly approaching I've been checking out some of our favorite stores to get some ideas on to keep her hip this school year.  Girls clothes are sooooo much fun and I love dressing the girls in cute clothes.

So while the girls played some what nicely this morning I did some online wish list shopping for Kaylee for this school year.  We'll see if I actually buy her any of the stuff on the wish list.  But there is some really cute clothes out there right now.  I might need to get a job just so I can buy the girls cute clothes!  LOL

First up is OLD NAVY
I love Old Navy cause their prices aren't to expensive and they have some cute stuff.
I mean how cute are these colored skinny jeans?!

Next up is TARGET
I mean who doesn't love Target.  I walked through Target last night to get diapers and OMG they have started bringing out their fall stuff and  I just couldn't help myself.  I wanted to buy stuff for all 3 of my girls.  So many cute clothes.

I love this store and I usually get a lot of Kaylee's clothes from here.  I love that almost all there tees around $5.00 and they are always sending me coupons in the mail. 

So there you have it, Kaylee's preschool wish list.
Super cute stuff right?!


  1. oh love that lil cheetah cardigan! I want for myself! Hey out by me in Brentwood we have a Carters store!

  2. oh how adorable! i am loving the target and old navy finds!

  3. Cute---I might need to get Raya that preschool rocks shirt! ;-)

  4. Love Old Navy and Target! Back to school was easy for me this year. They had uniforms!

  5. I'm aboslutely loving Old Navy's line of clothing for this fall. I have ordered so much for Emma! I still have a couple of things to get, but not much =) And the dress from target with the blue and white stripes on the bottom, LOVE!!! Super cute! =)

  6. Oooohhh! How fun!!! I am loving the colored skinny jeans for kiddos this fall! Probably because I really want some but don't see myself squeezing into them anytime soon! lol!

    Excited to hear Baby K's name :)

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