Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

1.  I am having a lot fun ordering things for Kendall.  I cant wait to get them.
Awhile back I asked for some opinions on colors of pettirompers for sibling pictures I plan to take once Kendall gets here.  Since they can get expensive, I've decided that since Kaylee has a brown one I'm gonna leave her's brown and order TURQUIOSE for Keira and WHITE for Kendall.
Thank you Katie (from Loves of Life) for recommending The HairBow Company.  They have great stuff and I've gotten the cute rompers, bloomers and so many cute bows for the girls.  Also last night I ordered a bunch of stuff from Sears for all 3 girls.  Most of it being fall school clothes for Kaylee.  Next week should be a really good mail week!

(I ordered these off etsy - the flowers were get 12 for $5.00....SCORE and the hat is part of her coming home outfit) 
2.  In a giveaway I won a free "school days" book from Paper Coterie. 
I had until August 19th to use the code, so yesterday I headed outside just Kaylee & I to take pictures.  She took some really cute ones.  Here is a little sneak peek!

3.  I have been on pinterest printing out printables for the girls room.
I found this one printable you could customize, it was a chevron print where you can pick the color and then enter yours or yours kids initials in the middle.
So I made 3 of them for each of the girls to put in their room.
(from left to right - Kaylee, Keira & Kendall)

4.  On Monday while the girls were at grandma's all day I decided to venture out and try to find something to wear to my friends wedding in September.  I went to Target, Macy's, JCPenny, Ross & Marshalls and I found NOTHING.  Nothing looked right or the fit was way to short.  Its very frusterating.  Any ideas on where I can find a cute skirt or something cute to wear.  She's getting married September 14th.  So a month away.  I was looking now cause places are starting to bring out their fall/winter stuff.  HELP!

5.  I cant believe I'll be 29 weeks tomorrow and the countdown to baby Kendall to be in the single digits.  This is where I'm going to complain a little bit, I am so ready to be done with this pregnancy.  I am very uncomfortable, I sweat my butt off all the time in this heat, I have lower back & hip pain.  Last weekend we went to Jason's moms to swim and I laid out in the pool on a raft and got the worst sun burn, so I've been complaining about that.  BOOO! 

6.  Lately the girls have been BAD.  It seems like from the time they wake up in the morning till they go to bed at night they are arguing over toys, one of them if hitting the other or they aren't listening to a word I say.  It can be very frusterating and I'm trying my hardest not to yell at them and just put them in time out cause I'm trying not to stress myself out.  But it can be really annoying when it goes on all day long.  Kaylee is on this kick of pushing & hitting Keira. Now Keira thinks its ok to hit!  There are a few minutes at a time during the day that they actually play nicely together.  Hopefully with Kaylee starting school 9-12 and being able to take a nap each day will help with her attitude and being nicer.


  1. Love the hat---and great deal on those flowers!

  2. Hi Joeylee! Just saying hi as I'm a new follower. I love finding blogs with little ones slightly older than mine for suggestions/advice/tips on dealing with toddlers! Your little girls are just darling. Stop by my blog sometime..

  3. those printables are cute! I need more ink for my printer :(.. Oh and look for like a hi-low hem skirt! That'd look perfect! I'm trying to think where.. I woulda suggested JcPenny too or Kohls! I saw a cute one at kohls, last week.. it was Lauren Conrad brand..light blue. Good luck!

  4. I love those flowers! They are awesome! And the picture of Kaylee is soooo cute! =)

  5. You know someone else who has a really cute Etsy shop ;);)

    And? The whole being done thing? What is it with this part of pregnancy that makes us all hate it so much?! We still have two months to go and we're complaining LOL. At least we have friends in similar situations to complain to....because Lord knows the husband doesn't get it :)

  6. Ann Taylor Loft has all their summer clothes on sale right now (lots of dresses and skirts, I got an $80 dress for $25 today!) and Francesa's is always a good choice if you have one nearby.

    And I hear ya about the kids being bad, I feel like every day lately has been a challenge! I am hoping the school routine brings us some peace too!