Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Keira is 21 months old

Keira Alexis - How is it that my sweet sweet "baby" isn't a baby anymore?!  You are 3 months away from being 2 years old.  How is this possible?  You are turning into such a big girl and your so sweet, when you want to be!  I'm looking forward the one on one time that we'll get to be spending together while your sister is in school in the morning.  I do feel bad sometimes that you didn't get that one on one time with me like Kaylee did when she was little, so I want to savor each moment that we'll have together.  Playing, learning, and doing things just the two of us.  I know you enjoy our time together when Kaylee goes to grandma's on Friday's.  I just want you to feel special and not feel over shaddowed by your big sister or your soon to be little sister.

SLEEPING: oh boy....nap time has become a chore with you and your sister.  While your sister was attending school M-W you sleep like a champ, you go down with no problems and I don't hear a peep out of you.  But now that Kaylee is done with school, nap time has become such a hassle.  You guys will sit in there and play and squeal...its been taking you guys almost an hour before you final are sleeping.  I'm hoping that once your sister goes back to school and with you doing fun stuff with mommy during the day that both of you will be tired and just go right to sleep like you use to!

EATING:  you are still an awesome eater.  I have NO problems with you and food.  You and food are like BFFs.  You are not afraid to try new things.  Some of your favorite foods are: raspberries, bananas, cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets, fries, rice, broccoli, spinach.  You love it all.  I hope as you get older you'll continue to love eating good.

weight: 23lbs
height: 34.5" long
clothes: 24 months
shoes: size 5
diaper: size 4
teeth: 12 with your 4 canines about to come in (I can see the white spots on all)

FAVORITE BOOK:  anything Olivia the pig.  You love Olivia books, books with animals so that you can make the animal noises, and the ABC book.

POTTY TRAINING:  I've gone back and forth on the idea of potty training you before your sister arrives or waiting until after she's born.  I decided that I was going wait until at least after your 2nd birthday before even thinking of starting.  But I've been following your lead and you've wanted to sit on the potty.  We aren't in full potty training mode, we are in sitting on the potty when you tell me.  We went out and bought you a potty chair cause sitting on the big potty freaked you out.  We've had your little potty chair for a week and you've gone #2 in it twice, both times telling me that you needed to go potty.  Mommy, Daddy & sissy are all so proud of you.  I know your not quite ready to be wearing undies so we'll continue with the diapers.  You do still wake up from nap and bedtime with a wet diaper, there are ocassions that you'll have a dry diaper after nap time.  So we'll take the potty training slowly and on your time.


* you are LOVING to sing.  You especially like to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  You get really excited when we all sing it together and lift your hands in the sky when the "like a diamond in the sky" part comes up.

* this last month you've been going to Grandma's in the afternoons and taking naps over there.  You really enjoy going to grandma's and it makes mommy happy to know that you do so well over there as far as sleeping and stuff.  Getting you prepaired for when mommy has to stay in the hospital to have baby sissy.

* I think it is the most adorable thing ever that you get so excited when daddy comes homes.  You scream daddy daddy daddy and run up to him trying to push your sister out of the way to say hi to him and give him big hugs!  Melts my mommy heart.

* you love being outside.  Now that you can climb onto the swing set and slide down the slide, you never want to come back inside when it's time.  I'll like it more when mommy isn't pregnant and we can stay outside longer.  Mommy can only last outside for about 30 minutes before sweating my butt off.

* your talking has just really taken off even more than last month.  You are repeating almost EVERYTHING that everyone says.  Time for mommy to start watching what she says.  Here are some new phrases you've been saying lately!  I love listening to you talk, its so cute!
- "give it back Kaylee"
- "mommy I go potty pees"
- "Kaylee stop crying, you ok"
- "daddy dinner ready"
- "go away!"

* you've become such a goof ball.  You like to do little funny things to make us all laugh!  Your such a funny little girl.

* you got your first boo boo!  The other night you and your sister were running around the truck in the drive way and you were running down the driveway and your tripped and got some road rash on your chin and scrapped up your knee.  You cried for just a quick second and just wanted me to hold you.  You kept saying "mama I got boo boo"

* you attended open house for Kaylee's school and you had a blast in there playing with all the toys and puzzles.  You threw the biggest fit when it was time to leave, both you & your sister wanted to stay.  I love that both of you like school.

* I think your going to be a GREAT big sister.  You are so sweet to your dolls.  You like being around other babies and are so cute around them.  When there are babies at mommy's check ups you become very concerned when the babies cry.  You yell "no cry baby, its ok".  So I cant wait to see you when your sister Kendall arrives.

* lately you and your sister have been arguing a lot!  I hope this is just a phase both of you are going through and that you two become friends again.  haha

* we have decided on a theme for your 2nd birthday!  Since you have this new found love for OLIVIA we decided that that's what your 2nd birthday should be.  Yes your crazy mom has started doing DIY decor for your party.  I have to get it all taken care before your sister arrives.  Its funny cause your sister had an OLIVIA party for her 2nd birthday too.  We did her party in black, white and red.  But with your party we are doing it red, aqua and white.  We will be having your party at grandma's house and we might even have a bounce house if the weather is good. 

I want to enjoy these next 10 weeks even more, before your sister arrives.  I want you to feel special and not left out.  You are such a sweet girl and I have enjoyed every minute of these 21 months with you.  Even though the tantrums, arguing, screaming and not listening drives mommy nuts I still wouldn't change it for the world.

I love you to the moon and back sweet girl!

(you'll notice in some of the pictures that Keira's boo boo disappears, I did that cause those are the pictures that I want to print out and I didn't want her boo boo showing)


  1. Her little toes! She is so cute!! I can't believe she is almost 2!

  2. She is getting so big and just as stinking cute as ever! I can't wait to see more details of the big birthday bash!

  3. Soooo cute! I love all the photos! =)

  4. First off, i just wanted to tell you I ready you blog every day at work! It is one of my must check daily blogs! I just love it. I feel bad I cant log into blogger and comment [darn work], and I always forget to log back on later and comment. So i sometimes feel like a blog creeper. haha!

    I cant believe she is almost 2, that means ive been reading your blog for like a year! WOW! She is so so so cute...both your girls are. Do you have a theme for her birthday coming up? I cant remember if you have mentioned one yet or not.

  5. Keira... you are the cutest. and the sweetest. and the cutest. and so smart. and did i meantion the cutest????!?!