Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The girls room reveal

Right now we are living in a rental house so that we can save up some money to buy our first house.
Our lease is up the beginning of May and by then we should have enough money saved to buy a house.  So while renting this house for a year the girls are sharing a room.

Kendall will be staying in our room for a couple months and then I will put her into her room that she will share with Kaylee & Keira.  After moving in I didn't do any decorating or anything.  I didn't really start getting ideas for their room until after I found out we were expecting another little girl.

While Jason was gone in July for those 18 days I got a lot of crafting done for the girls room.
Their room doesn't have a theme, I really just wanted to make it bright and colorful to match Kaylee & Keira's comforter.  So I slowly started working on it and hoped that what I invisioned in my head I would be able to make their room look like.  I think what I had invisioned for their room really came out exactly how I wanted it.  Their room is really the only room that is fully decorated.

There's just a few things that I want to do
* paint Kaylee & Keira's dressers
* print out pictures to go into the frames above each of the girls beds (waiting till the baby gets here)
* set up Keira's bed and move the crib to it's spot

But Keira doesn't get her big girl bed until her birthday so until then she'll be in the crib.
I love their room!

So without further ado here is the girls room.
I will be changing out the girls pictures that are already up once I take new ones of them after Kendall arrives.
the view from the door
inside the closet

Kendall's corner next to the closet

What do you think??


  1. very cute. Love all the printables and color!

  2. so sweet!! love the bright fun colors!

  3. IN LOVE!

    You are so creative!

  4. Simply adorable!! Great job:)

  5. So thoughtful! I love the K&K wall and the last pic of your little girl reading a book is presh!

  6. Very cute! The pom pom things turned out really fun :-)

  7. I love it! How cute! You are so talented, and that closet - wow - you are so organized!

  8. You did an awesome job!!! Super creative =) I really need to do something wth Emma's room. But I think we may be moving her bedroom upstairs, so I really don't want to re-do the room she is in now and then have to re-do the room upstairs! But I can't wait to do something bright and fun and colorful =)

  9. I think it's SUPER adorable---I love the collage walls! So cute:)


  10. aaww...its perfect!!!! And look at all of that closet looks awesome:) All of your craftiness leaves me inspired:)

  11. super cute! we are moving soon, thanks for the inspiration for my girls' room :) They want a My Little Pony themed room, did you make the banners?

  12. The girls rooms are so pretty and cheerful! I love it!!!

  13. Way to go craft momma! I love the closet the best I think! I wish W's closet here opened that way but it's the door kind and it just doesn't give an effective use of space. That being said, I still need to get in there and organize! I love those bins!